Completely High School: Completely hilarious!

Take a bunch of actors and comedians adored by young people (Rosalie Vaillancourt, Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais, Katherine Levac, Pierre-Luc Lafontaine, Antoine Pilon…), have them parody the clichés “as big as your arm” series and films for American teenagers which always use the same recipe (the coarse accent of the French translations included!), in the manner of … Read more

Goat Simulator, the game that will make you completely goat

4 clogs, costumes and a single objective: to sow chaos wherever she goes! Back to the Goat Simulator license, one of the craziest in video games. On PC, simulation games are legion. Often enabling them to discover a job or how a structure works, they allow players to manage a farm (Farming Simulator), to live … Read more

“Completely high school” graduates to TV


The crazy series Completely high school is back on your screens. But beware, the project has grown! First a web series, the show designed by Rosalie Vaillancourt and Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais now offers 10 episodes in a 22-minute format, on Crave. It must be said, the first season of Completely high school, released in 2021, had … Read more

“Completely High School”: new format, new characters, same humor


On the strength of its success over the past year, having notably taken it to Cannes and to various international festivals where it has won awards, the pastiche of the melodramatic series for teens “Complètement lycée” will be settling in January on the small screen and in a time slot of choice. • Read also: … Read more

10 90s Saturday Morning Cartoons You Completely Forgot Existed | Pretty Reel


A perfect start to the weekend for kids in the 90s was snuggling up in front of the TV to watch Disney’s One Saturday Morning from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., complete with bunny slippers and a bowl of cereal. The iconic morning programming block would include cartoons such as Recess, The Mighty Ducks and … Read more

Household scenes: M6 completely collapses after the departure of Huguette and Raymond, Aie

According to official information obtained on Wednesday June 8, the series Scenes from the household has dropped so much in the ratings of M6 viewers. This is the impressive comedy played by the main actors Raymond and Huguette. An exciting event that television audiences never miss on a daily basis! We give you more details! … Read more