Thefts, assaults and child pornography in court

Between thefts and violence, immediate appearance This Wednesday morning, the courthouse took up a case in immediate appearance to judge RF, a 38-year-old man, accused of theft, attempted theft, possession of a knife and violence against others. Placed in pre-trial detention, RF is tried for having, on November 13, assaulted two walkers by … Read more

The Supreme Court is about to hear a lawsuit for a dog toy — NEWS World News –

Several iconic brands have rallied behind the maker of Jack Daniel’s whiskey in the trademark dispute. The US Supreme Court is expected to decide Monday whether to hear the Jack Daniel’s whiskey brand’s trademark infringement case against dog toy maker VIP Products, whose ‘Bad Spaniels’ parody squeaky toy mimics both the shape and design of … Read more

Feminist groups in court to have Bill 21 declared unconstitutional • Pivot

womens rights · rights and freedoms Since Monday, the Quebec Court of Appeal has been hearing arguments relating to Bill 21. The Quebec Women’s Federation and the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund propose three analytical criteria to demonstrate the unconstitutionality of the Act, which would infringe on the equality between the sexes provided for … Read more

Five years after #metoo, the shock wave: what has changed in families, at school, in court…


Five years ago, on October 5, 2017, the New York Times published an investigation that would create a societal shock wave throughout the world. In the columns of the American daily, women accuse Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment and assault. Acts committed with impunity, for thirty years. Actress Alyssa Milano uses the hashtag #metoo on the … Read more

Andy Warhol’s photos of the prince gained 15 minutes of fame despite Supreme Court royalties


Washington – Supreme Court Judges on Wednesday summoned artists as diverse as Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci and rap group 2 Live Crew as they looked to see if they were screen prints. Pop artist Andy Warhol made of rock star prince Copyright infringement of the photographer who took the original photo. Some judges seemed … Read more

The Onion goes to the Supreme Court to defend free parody


The satirical medium The onion presented a text before the Supreme Court in solidarity with a man who was arrested and prosecuted for making fun of the Police on social networks. A case that seems to be a sufficiently alarming precedent for humorists. In a brilliant justification of his arguments (also full of humor), The … Read more

Court of Antofagasta dismisses Illapu’s appeal for protection against Sebastián Quinzán

The Antofagasta Court of Appeals dismissed the protection appeal filed by Andrés Márquez (former member of Illapu) against communicator Sebastián Quinzán and regional councilor Katherine San Martín. The action was taken by the artist because the respondents published a propaganda jingle in favor of Rejection on their social networks, with the melody of the song … Read more

Presidential election in Kenya: the Supreme Court confirms the election of William Ruto


TONY KARUMBA / AFP The Supreme Court of Kenya confirmed, Monday, September 5, the victory of the outgoing vice-president, William Ruto, in the presidential election of August 9 before Raila Odinga, a historic figure in Kenyan politics who had denounced fraud. Under the Constitution, Mr Ruto must be sworn in on September 13. He will … Read more

Presidential election in Kenya: Odinga appealed to the Supreme Court


RAila Odinga filed an online appeal to the Supreme Court on Monday challenging the results of Kenya’s August 9 presidential election, which saw her lose to incumbent Vice President William Ruto. A historic figure in the opposition supported for this election by outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta, Odinga had announced his intention to contest the results … Read more