Martine Syms, the sitcom as a social critic

In his great solo show in Chicago, the Los Angeles artist explores the experience of blacks in the United States in a touching and humorous way, without neglecting the “black banality” In the exhibition, Syms’ videos are shown on screens supported by a purple steel structure with gaps that allow the passage between the five … Read more

La Nación / “Pedro undercover”: “I haven’t laughed so much in a movie theater in a while,” says a critic

“Wait, stop everything! I just saw ‘Pedro undercover’, a Paraguayan film”, Jorge Núñez exclaims euphorically in a video he recorded with his phone, as soon as he left the cinema. In the one and a half minute clip, the singer-songwriter and youtuber shows that he has just left Cinemark and enthusiastically praises the Paraguayan comedy … Read more