UNUSUAL. The cult dance of the “Wednesday” series taken up by the residents of an Alsatian Ehpad

The performance of actress Jenna Ortega, star of the “Wednesday” series (Netflix), on the dance floor aroused enormous enthusiasm on social networks: the latest imitation of her choreography, that of the residents of the nursing home The Sequoia, in Illzach (Haut-Rhin). All about: The Festival of Lights 2022 in Lyon Looking up at the camera, … Read more

‘Atlanta’ and other cult series hidden in the Disney+ catalog

Disney’s content platform has a problem: when a series doesn’t belong to Star Wars or Marvel, it usually falls into oblivion in a matter of days or, worse still, it doesn’t even get notoriety among the series-loving public. Here we do not go into whether it is a communication problem for Disney+, which prioritizes its … Read more

5 reasons why Zoolander is a perfect comedy and a timeless cult [LISTA]

Zoolanders is a parody of the fashion world and a must for lovers of the genre. Directed by and starring Ben Stiller. The 2001 film directed by and starring Ben Stiller has now become a real cinematographic cult. Even though more than 20 years have passed since its release, this over the top comedy still … Read more

30 years of cult programs – internet users are rediscovering “Le Juste Prix” and demanding the return of Vincent Lagaf and Gérard Vives

On the occasion of the last issue of “30 years of cult broadcasts” devoted to the decade 2010-2020, Internet users rediscovered “Le Juste prix” and the famous duo composed of Vincent Lagaf and Gérard Vives. (TF1 screenshot) This Saturday, June 25, TF1 broadcasts the third and last issue of “30 years of cult broadcasts”. For … Read more

Mom, I missed my plane: 10 curiosities you still didn’t know about the Christmas cult film

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VIDEO. Why the youtubeur Jojo Bernard leaves the scene and his cult character of redneck from the North

He became known on the web before going on stage with his show “Sa m’sul tro!”. Jojo Bernard will give a very last performance on December 29, 2022 in Lille, before a long break. All about: The Festival of Lights 2022 in Lyon He is a huge hit on stage and on social media with … Read more

We call her Trinita: return to the cult sequence of “western fayots”

In “We call her Trinity”, a parodic masterpiece of the spaghetti western released in France in 1971, Terence Hill swallows a large plaster of beans in record time. A sequence that has become cult, and for which the actor has done in authenticity … We call her Trinitymasterpiece of parody In France, it was in … Read more

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The City of Fear: five things you don’t know (yet) about the cult comedy of Dummies

Alain Chabat, Chantal Lauby and Dominique Farrugia will be back this Sunday on W9. On the occasion of its rebroadcast, a look back at five little anecdotes which, like the five letters that make up the ODILE index, give their meaning to the “family comedy” cult of the Canal spirit. W9 will offer us this … Read more