@DigameJuanjo: “For content creators, the World Cup is a golden opportunity” | teletic

The cocommunicator and publicist Juan José Fonseca, known on social media as @DigameJuanjo, joined Teletica’s efforts to cover the 2022 Qatar World Cup. “For content creators, the World Cup is an incredible opportunity because now there are Ticos from Qatar making very cool content and also people who couldn’t go, but from Costa Rica we … Read more

World Cup. Like Saudi Arabia, these teams have achieved the feat in the group stage

It is the story of small exploits, sometimes short-lived, sometimes synonymous with epics, which forge the history of the world Cup. For its entry into the running in the 2022 edition in Qatar on Tuesday noon, Saudi Arabia, led by French coach Hervé Renard, achieved a great overturning Leo Messi’s Argentina (2-1). In twenty-two editions, … Read more

Argentina wins the World Cup in Qatar… of insults: in this they are unbeatable


An Argentine fan during the match against Saudi Arabia in the World Cup in Qatar.- AFP I don’t discover anything to them if I tell them that soccer raises passions. While it is true that not all nations display this fervor with the same intensity and eloquence. The Argentine people, owner of a football and … Read more

“World Robbery” on Star+: a failed comedy about the robbery of the soccer World Cup | REVIEW


Although before the Scaloni era, the Argentine team had some ups and downs in the South American qualifiers, it is somewhat difficult to imagine it being left out of World Cup qualification. That kind of imaginary challenge that, obviously, borders on credibility, is the pillar under which it is protected “Robbery Worldl”, the new series … Read more

“Robo Mundial”: the series with Joaquín Furriel that reflects Argentina’s passion for the World Cup


Joaquín Furriel, the protagonist of world robberythe comedy series from Star+ that follows a group of crazy and very improvised thieves in their plan to steal the World Cup with the aim that Argentina is not disqualified from the World Cup, stated: “The production proposes to laugh of what we are as Argentines”. “Humor is … Read more

England’s 2022 World Cup roster


James Maddison has been called up to England’s 26-man squad for the 2022 World Cup at the last minute, along with Trent Alexander-Arnold, Callum Wilson, Ben White and Marcus Rashford. Southgate also created a surprise by calling up Chelsea midfielder Conor Gallagher ahead of Southampton’s James Ward-Prowse. Maddison’s only previous England appearance came as a … Read more

The unusual parody that Televisa made on Martinoli prior to the 2018 World Cup in Russia


The unusual parody that Televisa made on Martinoli prior to the 2018 World Cup in Russia (Photo: Youtube/Instagram: TUDN/@cmartinolimx) Prior to Qatar World Cup 2022one of the topics that is beginning to sound the most among Mexican soccer fans is that of broadcasts, since, as every four years, two television stations compete for the majority … Read more

The new nickname with which Martinoli baptized the Mexican National Team before the World Cup


What is the new nickname with which Martinoli baptized the Mexican National Team prior to the World Cup (Photo: Instagram/@garciaposti) The situation of the Mexican team It is not the best to excite their fans, because in the last preparation match prior to the final concentration towards qatarthe national team fell 3-2 against Colombia and … Read more