Daniel Gascón: “Solo se puede llegar a perder cómodamente en una democracia liberal”

Noticias relacionadas Toda sátira es profecía y toda parodia es eufemismo. Sobre esta frase, Daniel Gascón (Zaragoza, 1981) vertebra su último libro, Fake news (Debate, 2022). El autor de Un hípster en la España vacía se adentra en el análisis de la actualidad con un manual de combate contra la irreverencia del relativismo, la comodidad de … Read more

Weird: Daniel Radcliffe is Al Yankovic in a film dedicated to the legendary singer

dDaniel Radcliffe wears Hawaiian shirt and plays accordion Weird Al Yankovic in the film dedicated to the legendary American singer-songwriter and comedian. Weird Al Yankovicthe song parodist at the center of a film with Daniel Radcliffe, rose to fame with hits such as Eat Itclear mockery of Beat It, a hit by Michael Jackson. So, … Read more

Daniel Gascon:

Without considering himself a professional Aragonese, Daniel Gascón (Zaragoza, 1981) boasts a “cojonero” character typical of countrymen like Miguel Servet. Being a philologist, he must have been the north wind that has led him to Madrid and his courtly troubles. A collaborator in the capital’s press and responsible for the Spanish edition of Letras Libres, … Read more

Daniel Craig became obsessed with his muscles in James Bond (and why he doesn’t go shirtless in Glass Onion)

With “No time to die” in the rearview, Can we all agree that “Casino Royale” is the best Bond movie? If it weren’t for the 2006 reboot, Sean Connery would still be the undisputed King Bond and, who knows, maybe the notorious super-spy and his decades-old franchise would have faded as society moved into modernity. … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe, Sylvester Stallone… 10 actors who hated their own movie #season 2

Getting a role is a good start for an actor, but enjoying it is even better… We come back with you to these 10 stars who weren’t afraid to say they hated their own film! Sylvester Stallone- Stop where my mother is going to shoot! © Northern Lights Entertainment / Universal Sylvester Stallone confessed that … Read more

Weird review: The Al Yankovic Story, a hilarious biopic parody with Daniel Radcliffe

With so many film releases each year, it is inevitable that there will be certain films that can go unnoticed because its launch often takes time to reach our country for various reasons. One of them is Weird: The Al Yankovic Storya film that parodies musical biopics and that in recent months has given a … Read more

Glass Onion review: Daniel Craig to cry with laughter on Netflix? 🧅

After At Knives Out, Rian Johnson brings Benoît Blanc back for a new investigation that takes a layer of it. Critical. Benoît Blanc and Hercule Poirot, same fight. In 2019, Rian Johnson dusted off the genre with At Knives Out. In the pure tradition of “whodunit” – who did it? in French – the director … Read more

“I didn’t want to make a parody of the first one”: The most difficult part for Daniel Craig in ‘Stabs in the back 2’ you will only notice if you see the film this way

We spoke with the actor, his co-stars Edward Norton, Kate Hudson and Janelle Monáe; and director Rian Johnson. The sequel to the hit ‘whodunit’ hits theaters on November 23 and Netflix in December. Daniel Craig already knows what it’s like to repeat a character. He’s been doing it for over a decade with James Bond. … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe is Weird Al Yankovic in the biopic trailer. VIDEO

The video has been released that anticipates what we will see in the highly anticipated biographical film dedicated to the legendary American singer, comedian and actor. The Harry Potter star totally transforms to tell us about the life, works and miracles of the eccentric Californian artist. Yankovic wrote the screenplay, together with Eric Appel (who … Read more