For aspra ad astra the open day of the IC “G. Falcone” by Rende Quattromiglia as 2023

Introducing yourself is never easy and it is even more so for a school like ours, rich in so many resources and potential, but which, objectively, in recent years, has found itself having to adapt to many and varied contingencies. Teachers and pupils, however, have never lost the confidence and strength to resist and show … Read more

In one day they already have a parody of the Shakira and Bizarrap song: see it here

The new session of the Argentine music producer Bizarrap with the singer-songwriter from Barranquilla Shakira continues to give people something to talk about on social networks and in public opinion in general. The song, which to date has already managed to reach 60 million views on YouTube in less than two days, became the most … Read more

Friday January 13, New Year’s Day: is it bad luck? Superstition

Friday the 13th, the first of 2023: does it bring bad luck? The origins of superstitions and horror films to watch for fans of the genre. Friday 13 January 2023, is the first “unlucky” Friday of the year. At least for those who believe in this superstition, whose origin is very ancient and never completely … Read more

Pension reform: a day of mobilization from January 19

The battle begins. The day after the presentation of the pension reform, the unions are preparing to mobilize from January 19, in a united front against the postponement of the legal age to 64 years. After three months of procrastination and consultation, the government has delivered its verdict and confirmed the expected increase in the … Read more

Pension reform: the day after, each camp prepares its arguments

The day after the presentation of the pension reform, the real battle begins. On the government side, the objective is now to convince the French of the need for the project. In the opposition, we will insist on the unjust and undemocratic nature, and try to weaken the possible alliance between the majority and LR. … Read more

Study day Expanded Gus Van Sant (Toulouse)

Study day “Expanded Gus Van Sant” May 23, 2023, Toulouse Cinematheque On the occasion of Gus Van Sant’s visit to Toulouse to present his play Trouble (2021) at the Théâtre de la Cité, and a partial retrospective of his film work at the Cinémathèque de Toulouse, this study day proposes to reflect on the links … Read more

These are the series that are in fashion at Disney+ Chile this day

breaking bad, game of Thrones, Squid Game Y Euphoria are some of the titles that are part of the golden age of tv series of the new millennium, which have been characterized by being promoted through various platforms in the war for streaming. Whether due to the quality of the scripts, the production, the actors … Read more

April Fool’s Day: How the story of a child massacre ended up being a day of jokes

8 hours ago The BBC News World editorial staff Photo credit, Getty Images image caption, The Massacre of the Innocents, by Lodovico Mazzolino, 1510-1530. Every December 28, in Spain and Latin America, people prank each other and some media publish fake news on Innocents Day, or Day of the Holy Innocents, as the Catholic Church … Read more