Gucci’s tribute to director Stanley Kubrick deciphered

For the campaign for his Exquisite collection, Alessandro Michele, artistic director of Gucci, incorporates his new creations – notably pieces from his collaboration with Adidas – into emblematic films by American director Stanley Kubrick. Decryption of his images more real than life, as intriguing as disturbing. Previous arrow Gucci costume by Alessandro Michele in the … Read more

Archaeological mystery: the ancient Elamite script of Iran deciphered? | Science | In

Diamonds and squares with dots and dashes: French archaeologists came across these geometric characters as early as 1903 when excavating ancient ruins in the city of Susa in southwestern Iran. Researchers quickly realized that the language was one of the four oldest scripts known to mankind, along with Mesopotamian cuneiform, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and Indus script. … Read more