Weird: Daniel Radcliffe is Al Yankovic in a film dedicated to the legendary singer

dDaniel Radcliffe wears Hawaiian shirt and plays accordion Weird Al Yankovic in the film dedicated to the legendary American singer-songwriter and comedian. Weird Al Yankovicthe song parodist at the center of a film with Daniel Radcliffe, rose to fame with hits such as Eat Itclear mockery of Beat It, a hit by Michael Jackson. So, … Read more

At the MAN in Nuoro the exhibition dedicated to the myth of the “Potemkin Staircase”

The MAN Museum of Nuoro hosts, from next March 3, an unpublished and important dedicated exhibition to the history and myth of the Odessa staircaserenamed by popular culture the “Potemkin Staircase” following the fortune of the famous film by Sergej Michajlovič Eisenstein, Battleship Potemkin of 1925. The original project of the staircase, a monumental link … Read more

ET turns 40 and celebrates it with a dedicated documentary celebrates two masters of cinema, Steven Spielberg and Federico Fellini: a documentary on ET, the 1982 masterpiece which this year celebrates 40 years, is dedicated to the first; to the second, an unpublished portrait that tells of his passion for psychoanalysis and esotericism The cultural channel Art in Italian celebrates two masters, Steven Spielberg … Read more

Malheurs Actuels, the parody media dedicated to climate inaction takes off!

Malheurs Actuels will have its special magazine for this end of the year, in which we have already had the right to an editorial by Guillaume Meurice, columnist on France Inter. IN: What is Malheurs Actuels? Albin Wagener: it’s a bit like Gorafi vert, an independent, voluntary and parodic media dedicated to climate inaction. It … Read more

The exhibition dedicated to the “accountant Ugo Fantozzi” arrives at the Kapannone dei Libri in Angera

To the Shed of Angera Books he arrives Ugo Fantozzi, the most unfortunate accountant in Italy, for an exhibition that opens today – Friday 23 September on the occasion of the recent release Fantozzi, Accountant Ugo. The (ir)resistible rise of a born loser, by Guido Pautasso and Irene Stucchi. Guido, thanks to his father Sergio … Read more

“Koun3labal”, a new platform dedicated to the protection of privacy

LThis platform with an African vocation aims to raise awareness among children, adolescents, women, parents and teachers about digital privacy, in terms of opportunities, dangers, rights and means of protection. It also aims to encourage the participation of the parties concerned through the organization of artistic workshops, competitions, as well as the establishment of … Read more

Alice in the City turns twenty with Russell Crowe and a program dedicated to young people

The twentieth edition of Alice nella città, the independent section of the Rome Film Fest, was presented. From Russell Crowe with his second film as director to James Gray with his usual attention to young Italian cinema. Twenty years for Alice in the Cityautonomous and parallel section of the Rome Film Festthat has presented a … Read more

Christmas in Castel Gandolfo, from 8 December to 28 January many events dedicated to culture, magic and tradition

From 8 December to 28 January comes the magic of Christmas to Castel Gandolfo. Over a month of events to experience together, with many appointments from Pavona to the village of Castel Gandolfowith shows, entertainment and games for girls and boys, music, cribs, exhibitions and crafts. To open the program of Christmas 2022 events in … Read more

“Impressed”, “protected” children lead a dedicated council of ministers in Matignon

Elisabeth Borne chairs a council of children’s ministers at Matignon, in Paris on November 18, 2022 ( AFP / JULIEN DE ROSA ) “Impressed” by the golds of Matignon but teeming with proposals, around twenty children from child welfare services presented their ideas on the environment, health or school to Elisabeth Borne and several ministers … Read more

The SOAT and the incredible traps to collect it: SEMANA uncovers how criminal gangs dedicated to stealing the money from this insurance work

The Soat is broken and the worst thing is that they are blatantly stealing it. Accidents that are nothing more than set-ups, nonexistent patients, exams that were never performed, inflated bills, ambulances that act like a criminal squad, prepaid disability paperwork, databases with documents of people who have not had emergencies, and even a poster … Read more