Discussion with Paris: Corsica Libera denounces a “parody” of autonomy and proposes a “political solution” in ten points

– You are very critical of discussions on autonomy. Why so much reluctance? – We consider it a travesty of historical process to the extent where A certain number of points are, from the outset, excluded from the field of possibilities by the protocol which was signed by Gérald Darmanin and Gilles Simeoni on March … Read more

War in Ukraine, day 209: Macron denounces a “return to the age of imperialism” at the UN tribune

► The invasion of Ukraine is a “return to the age of imperialism”, accuses Macron before the UN Emmanuel Macron accused Tuesday, September 20, at the rostrum of the United Nations General Assembly, Russia of having provoked a “return of imperialism” having invaded Ukraine. “What we have been witnessing since February 24 is a return … Read more

Bohmermann vs. MontanaBlack: the ZDF presenter denounces the scam of streamers


In his latest issue of ZDF Magazine Royales, Jan Böhmermann tackled the gaming world by parodying MontanaBlack for 30 minutes. Cologne – Jan Böhmermann is known for venturing into the most diverse fields outside of television. Thus, the presenter from Bremen also found success as a rapper. In the September 16 edition of the ZDF … Read more

Threats of rape, beheading … Magali Berdah denounces the harassment of which she is the victim


“I experience all of this as a death sentence”: in tears, Magali Berdah denounces Booba’s actions (Photo by Eric Fougere/Corbis via Getty Images) Sunday September 11, 2022, “Additional investigation”, caused a stir. By shining the spotlight on the “real business of influencers”, the France 2 magazine tackled a burning issue, addressing in turn various subjects … Read more

The Christian NGO World Vision denounces the sentence to 12 years in prison of its ex


The former director of the Christian NGO World Vision in the Gaza Strip, Mohammed Halabi, was sentenced on Tuesday to 12 years in prison by an Israeli court for embezzling funds for the benefit of the armed Islamist movement Hamas. A sentence deemed “deeply disappointing” by the NGO which considers that it “contrasts sharply with … Read more

A House of the Dragon actor denounces the racism he experiences: “A rich black? Unacceptable »


Steve Toussaint, the interpreter of Lord Corlys Velaryon, key character in the spin-off of Game of Thrones, denounces the racist comments of which he is the victim as a black person. House of the Dragon has made a sensational entry into the very competitive world of platforms, becoming in the process the best start for … Read more

InfoEquitable. Télérama denounces the “Jewish” nature of BFM and i24NEWS


“Bernard-Henri Lévy, Julien Bahloul, Patrick Drahi, BFMTV… A Jewish communication chain in which all the links hold together”, suggests journalist Samuel Gontier. Télérama has decided to push back the hatred of the Jewish state. An article by Samuel Gontier criticizing the treatment by BFMTV and i24NEWS of the latest conflict between Israel and the Islamic … Read more

New York teacher denounces travesty of our public school system


What is an end-of-school-year exam for? New York State looks uncertain. A teacher has published a detailed expose proving that a child can pass the New York Regents Algebra Exam by simply guessing all the C’s. Ed Knight weaves a great story on Medium of a student named River who finds himself in legal trouble … Read more

Young Spanish woman who identifies herself as a zebra denounces discrimination on networks: “Speciesist violence”


A woman transspecies caused controversy in social networks after accusing that it has been victim of discrimination on social networks after revealing to his followers that he does not identify himself as humanbut rather as a zebra. The young Spanish woman calls herself “cebri“and, in various video clips that are available on social networks, has … Read more

Carlos Álvarez denounces adjustment after parody of Lilia Paredes: “there is an unfortunate intolerance”


Carlos Álvarez parodied the first lady Lilia Paredes and has been receiving death threats ever since. (Photo: Composition) Peruvian comedian Carlos Alvarez continues to record the threats of death that he and his family have been receiving after he made a parody of the first lady Lilia Paredes and the president Peter Castle. This time, … Read more