Disenchanted Remembers Villains Are An Essential Part Of Disney Movies

You know who are awesome? Disney villains. During the Renaissance era, villains were practically a brand themselves on par with Disney princesses. But, over the last decade or so, Disney has moved away from classic campy villains like Ursula or Jafar and more toward twisted villains or misunderstood antiheroes. Now Disney seems to be making … Read more

Disenchanted: Giselle Returns (2022)

Disenchanted: Giselle Returns (Disenchanted) is a film starring Amy Adams and directed by adam shankman. With the usual Disney production quality, a great lead actress, and a cast with as much irony as sweetness, sweetness, sweetness, we are offered a film that pretends to laugh at itself, and that will appease the most “evil” cynics. … Read more

Disenchanted: Every Fairy Tale Parodied in the Film | Pretty Reel

After fifteen long years of waiting, fans of Disney’s hit 2007 fairy tale parody Enchanted can now relive the magic of Disenchanted, the new sequel available exclusively on Disney+. The follow-up film features a cast of returning characters in an all-new story that expands the world of Giselle and her closest relatives. Much like the … Read more

‘Disenchanted: Giselle Returns’, review: a parody without grace


Giselle (Amy Adams) is a firm believer in happy endings. After all, she got hers with Robert (Patrick Dempsey) a decade ago. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s part of the magical kingdom of Andalasia, a place where every fairy tale comes true. But even for the character’s innocent and kind heart, ordinary suburban life … Read more

Enchanted 2: Everything we know about Disenchanted so far | Pretty Reel


Disney’s Disenchanted, the long-awaited sequel to the 2007 fantasy musical Enchanted starring Amy Adams, is about to be released. Enchanted was a smash hit in 2007, adapting the genre to include both live-action and traditionally animated parodies of archetypal fairy tale princesses. Produced by Disney, it generally paid homage to classic Disney Princess musicals such … Read more

D23 2022: Disenchanted presents its magical trailer with the return of Amy Adams, Patrick Demsey and Idina Menzel | tomatoes


In 2007 Disney surprised its audience with the movie Enchanted – 93%, since it questioned the clichés of romantic love that the same company had propagated with its animated classics about princesses. In addition to that, it was a very entertaining story with very good songs, created by the legendary musician Alan Menkencomposer of tapes … Read more