Dragon Ball: Yamcha has his own manga because Shonen Jump wanted to take advantage of the “minute of fame” that the character had

The cast of characters dragonball includes powerful, fearsome, brave and intelligent characters. Even so, she has also stood out in the comic characters section. One of them is Yamchawho began as a fearsome master of RogaFufuKen until he was humiliated by a young Goku, who knocked out a tooth by giving him one of those … Read more

Memoirs of the Dragon Dragon: long live the revolution!

For their very first collaboration, screenwriter Nicolas Juncker and illustrator Simon Spruyt deliver the first part of a historical farce in the shadow of the French Revolution, with the comic strip Memoirs of the Dragon Dragon. In 1792, three years after the storming of the Bastille, the political situation in France remained volatile. While the … Read more

When Akira Toriyama’s characters had adventures in Antequera and Gerona: this is how the hilarious Dragon Quest commercials were filmed

This is a martial arts dream! The video game series Dragon Quest It is deservedly cult in Japan, but it has passed unfairly tiptoe for Spain. Not by those who are passionate about JRPGs, mind you, but because we had to wait to the eighth installment (on PS2) to lay the glove on these shores. … Read more

Kim Kardashian: son incroyable apparition dans «House of the Dragon» !

La star Kim Kardashian et sa sœur, Kylie Jenner reproduisent leur version de “House of the Dragon” ! MCE TV vous donne plus de détails. Les Kardashian ont du talent ! Kim Kardashian et Kylie Jenner réunies pour une parodie de House of the Dragon sur HBO ! MCE TV vous donne plus de détails. … Read more

Behind the scenes of the first episode of House of the Dragon, told by the cast

According to Eve Bestwho plays Rhaenys, it was a move “very dangerous from all points of view“. The actress makes it clear, in short, that her character he would rather not remind the world of his claim to the throne. “I absolutely don’t want it mentioned, and not just because I don’t want it constantly … Read more

Verduras, platos chinos y ropa interior: de dónde vienen los nombres de los personajes de Dragon Ball

Es imposible no tenerle un cariño especial a Akira Toriyama. Además de un sentido del humor muy especial que le catapultó al éxito con Dr. Slump, conquistó el mundo entero con uno de los manganimes más importantes de la historia: Dragon Ball. Una historia colmada de pasión, artes marciales, pinceladas de humor absurdo y fantasía. … Read more

Dragon Ball por orden, la guía definitiva del anime, el manga y las películas. ¿Por dónde debo empezar si quiero verlo todo?

Dragon Ball es el manganime definitivo. Tiene humor, aventura, rebosa acción y hasta tiene generosas pinceladas de fantasía y ciencia ficción en los que incluso hay margen para los viajes en el tiempo. Precísamente por ello, abordar esta obra de merecido culto tiene su intríngulis. Hasta ahora. En VidaExtra nos hemos propuesto ofrecerte la guía … Read more

Dragon: everything you need to know about the character of this Chinese sign

Independent and tenacious, people born under the sign of the Dragon are considered hotheads. With such a symbol of power, an explosive character is to be expected. Sign of the Dragon: a fiery character Like their sign, people born during a year of Dragon are not afraid of anything, because they think they can dominate … Read more

Dave Chappelle Parodies The Dragon House In New Sketch

Despite years of shameless transphobia and courted controversy, Dave Chappelle was invited to host Saturday Night Live, what he did last night. SNL is no stranger to inviting problematic hosts (such as donald trump and Elon Musk), and Chappelle, who openly calls himself “Team TERF,” is the latest in a long line of the show’s … Read more

Matt Smith admits making House of the Dragon isn’t as hard as Doctor Who was

Matt Smith admits making House of the Dragon isn’t as hard as Doctor Who was Tonight the season finale of The house of the dragon (91%)the prequel to Game of Thrones (59%) that, although the impact still seems incomparable, has kept the audience on the edge of their seats worldwide. The family drama, the struggle … Read more