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Horror is in the spotlight in this selection, but it’s not just about bloodshed and 50-year-old franchises. Sometimes, behind the forced smiles, hides an unfailing determination and behind the scenes, the women watch. The Woman King Released February 1 Inspired by real facts, The Woman King traces with greatness a feminist revolution, that of the … Read more

Rankin/Bass’ Complete Christmas Collection Brings Together 18 Special Classics for New DVD Set | Pretty Reel

One of the biggest reminders that Halloween is just around the corner is the inevitable Christmas driveway bumping into witches and ghosts. Yes, Christmas is coming, and Warner Brothers and Universal are going to be ready for this year. The two companies have teamed up to quietly release something very close for fans of Rankin/Bass … Read more

Holmes in frantic Russian version (on DVD and VOD)

Artistic note: (3/5) Synopsis After nearly being neutralized by Sherlock Holmes, the famous serial killer Jack the Ripper flees and takes refuge in Saint Petersburg. Detective Sherlock Holmes pursues him there, leaving Doctor Watson seriously injured in England. There, he is housed by another doctor, Dr. Kartsev, with whom he befriends, and who helps him … Read more

A book and a DVD dedicated to the Stradivarius myth

More details Stradivarius and Cremona lutherie. Jean-Philippe Echard. Editions of the Philharmonie de Paris. 251 pages. €39. April 2022 Janine Jansen (violin), Antonio Pappano (piano): “Falling for Stradivari”, documentary by Gerald Fox. Clara Schumann (1819-1896): Romance No. 1. Fritz Kreisler (1875-1962): Liebesleid. Josef Suk (1874-1935): Song of love. Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943): Andante from the sonata … Read more

Peter Cushing stalks The Dire Snowman on DVD and Blu

The Redoubtable Snowman is not Hammer’s best-known film, but it has qualities of writing and interpretation, as well as a certain audacity in its choices of direction, which make it a film to be rediscovered. This is the possibility that the ESC editions offer us. The Hammer’s name inevitably evokes, in the memory of moviegoers, … Read more