Presidential election in Kenya: Raila Odinga calls William Ruto’s victory a “parody”

Published on : 08/16/2022 – 07:30Modified : 08/16/2022 – 15:39 Outgoing Vice-President William Ruto was declared the winner of the August 9 presidential election on Monday, in a stormy atmosphere marked by disagreements within the Electoral Commission and the eruption of demonstrations, sometimes violent and dispersed by tear gas. Silent since the announcement of the … Read more

Blog | We finally got rid of this election campaign!

On voting day, I propose some reflections on how this rapid and unprecedented one went overall election campaign. Without taking part, of course. Saturation. It was short, the shortest of all, they repeat. Yet it seemed to us very long, infinite. Because? Why are we fed up rotten. They chased us, almost persecuted us. They … Read more

Presidential election in Brazil: all about Jair Bolsonaro, candidate for his re


After four years in power, the far-right Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, is a candidate for re-election on October 2. The Brazilian presidential election takes place on Sunday, October 2, and Jair Bolsonaro, the far-right incumbent president, has every chance of keeping his place, even if he remains in second position in the polls, behind his … Read more

Presidential election in Kenya: the Supreme Court confirms the election of William Ruto


TONY KARUMBA / AFP The Supreme Court of Kenya confirmed, Monday, September 5, the victory of the outgoing vice-president, William Ruto, in the presidential election of August 9 before Raila Odinga, a historic figure in Kenyan politics who had denounced fraud. Under the Constitution, Mr Ruto must be sworn in on September 13. He will … Read more

Kenya: Opposition Leader Raila Odinga Rejects Election Results, Calling Them “Illegal”


First modification: 08/16/2022 – 18:24 Former Prime Minister and former presidential candidate Raila Odinga refuted this Tuesday the results of the presidential elections on August 9 and announced a legal battle to challenge them. His statements come a day after the Electoral Commission released the figures that gave victory to Vice President William Ruto and … Read more

Candidates Use Election Time to Reveal Ideas and Support for Presidential Candidates


Photo: Federal Government/Disclosure Election time on free television began this Friday (26) presenting candidates for the Senate, representatives of the State and the government of São Paulo. Ideas, slogans and promises were presented for 25 minutes. Candidate Márcio França (PSB), who is leading the polls in the Senate race for São Paulo, was the first … Read more

Presidential election in Kenya: Odinga appealed to the Supreme Court


RAila Odinga filed an online appeal to the Supreme Court on Monday challenging the results of Kenya’s August 9 presidential election, which saw her lose to incumbent Vice President William Ruto. A historic figure in the opposition supported for this election by outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta, Odinga had announced his intention to contest the results … Read more

Presidential election in Kenya: Odinga challenges the results before the Supreme Court


Raila Odinga officially challenged the results of the Kenyan presidential election on August 9 on Monday in the Supreme Court, which gave him the loser behind outgoing vice-president William Ruto, claiming to have “enough evidence” of his victory. A historic figure in the opposition supported for this election by outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta and his … Read more

Speaking time, fairness, reserve period… What the CSA recommends for the 2022 presidential election


How to control the speaking time of candidates, official or presumed, in the media? A highly sensitive issue, at a time when the Zemmour case agitates the political world and less than six months from the presidential election. Traditionally, on this date, the CSA presents its recommendations to strengthen the system of political pluralism in … Read more

Presidential election: what are the speaking time rules?


The prospect of the broadcast on Wednesday December 15 by TF1 and LCI at 9:05 p.m. of an interview given by the Head of State, Emmanuel Macron, probable candidate for the presidential election scheduled for April 10 and 24, 2022, has aroused criticism among the opposition. The candidate of the Les Républicains (LR) party for … Read more