Science does not shift votes, its parody does. The Remuzzi case and the electoral drifts

Candidate scientists and the instrumental use of the statements of those who worked in the field, as in the case of the director of the Mario Negri institute: this campaign is increasingly characterized not by attention to scientific data, but by the polemical use of distorted arguments, for convenience During this election campaign, we are … Read more

New electoral code: Isie reveals the main provisions | The Tunisian Press

• “There will be no lists of political figures who will be excluded from participation in the meeting on December 17,” said Mohamed Tlili Mansri, spokesperson for Isie• The electoral division will create 161 electoral constituencies, including 10 for Tunisians abroad, i.e. 161 deputies for the 2022-2027 legislature• Candidates for the Bardo Palace will present … Read more

Gas turns off the electoral campaign where quarrels, gossip and slogans predominate


The increases in gas and energy prices, which bend the knees of families and businesses, push the parties to jointly ask for the intervention of the outgoing premier Mario Draghi, further dampening an electoral campaign that is very disappointing in terms of content and form. Even the very predictable result of the September 25 election, … Read more

Electoral strip: the problem of the lack of conceptual unity in the final product on both sides


There are less than four weeks left for the plebiscite, and the electoral TV slot has already been incorporated into the final campaign. Although the weight and impact that these spaces have in the electoral processes is not clear, I believe that this time it may be important, considering the high percentage of undecided that … Read more

Void in the electoral initiative of AMLO, in terms of communication and social networks


In the Chamber of Deputies, media specialists, journalists, communicators and members of the Chamber of the Radio and Television Industry (CIRT) exchanged points of view on the electoral reform proposed by the President of the Republic and how it addresses the issue of communication in the media and social networks. Those attending the Open Parliament … Read more

Match in primaries and Olona’s march: Vox’s internal cracks emerge after the first electoral puncture


Until now, since Vox entered the Andalusian Parliament in 2018, all the news handled by the formation had been positive. Constant growth made crises impossible. A party without a past could hardly have a crisis. And Vox has spent four years without a fire to put out. Or with fires that have gone out without … Read more