Queen Elizabeth II: Series and movies that enhanced her life through the screens

Editorial Office (ALN).- His death caused a great stir around the world; where many personalities from both the artistic and sports worlds, and especially the heads of state, offered their condolences to the royal family. Despite the fact that British royalty has always kept the private life of its members hermetically sealed, this has generated … Read more

Did BBC News install a camera inside Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin?

It’s false. The video that circulated on social networks that supposedly shows the interior of the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II is a humorous montage broadcast on a Dutch television program. The British news portal BBC He did not install cameras in the sovereign’s coffin, as several users on Twitter and Facebook wrongly point out. … Read more

London Fashion Week struggles to mourn Elizabeth II


The death of Elizabeth II preceded London Fashion Week by a few days, which promised a gloomy Fashion Week, deprived of media attention. The big names in fashion were able to opt out, while young designers had no choice but to parade. “Show must go on” as the saying goes. But can British fashion continue … Read more

Elizabeth II’s tacit commitment to Europe – Le Taurillon


Elizabeth II at the European Parliament in Strasbourg (1992) / Source European Parliament To analyse. Hours of special broadcasts on European television channels, the flags of the European Commission at half mast, all the European leaders gathered in London… As the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II ends today, the The emotion that has crossed the … Read more

Elizabeth in Wonderland, planetary television ruler


The royal enthronement of Elizabeth II was broadcast live worldwide on June 2, 1953, which was a first on television. It was the start of a staging on the small screen which continued until his funeral, this Monday, September 19, 2022, scrutinized by the whole world. A summary of colorized images of the 1953 coronationproduced … Read more

Death of Elizabeth II: who was “Tall Paul”, her trusted man for 44 years?


He was the Queen’s most trusted servant, and served her for decades without ever betraying her greatest secrets. At 64, her slender figure (1.94m) earned her the affectionate nickname of “Tall Paul”, or in French “Grand Paul”. That’s what the Queen and her family called him. Paul Whybrew, who was with the Queen at the … Read more

A look back at Queen Elizabeth ll’s wedding dress, made with Syrian brocade


MONTREAL: Disney may not have expected so many reactions after the Saturday, September 10 release of the teaser for its remake of The little Mermaidin which black actress Halle Bailey plays Ariel in a live-action adaptation. Shortly after its release, the teaser sparked a heated debate about racism in the world of cinema. A choice … Read more

Elizabeth II and Margrethe of Denmark: two queens at the service of their people


Neither was born to rule. However, they will go down in history as sovereigns of exceptional longevity. Endowed with very different characters, they have embodied for several decades, each in their own way, an absolute devotion to their royal duty. “I declare before you that my whole life, whether long or short, will be devoted … Read more

Jean des Cars : « Elizabeth II était un personnage unique par sa mémoire et son vécu »


La mort d’Elizabeth II suscite un intérêt médiatique et populaire international : comment l’expliquez-vous ? Elle était à ce jour le seul chef d’État en fonction à avoir connu la Seconde Guerre mondiale ! Quand elle est devenue reine en 1952, Staline était toujours à Moscou. Elle est arrivée à l’époque des trains à vapeur et du … Read more