The Fancine is filled with wild nature to warn of the ‘fear environment’

Manuel López Mestanza, Elsa Marina Álvarez, Tecla Lumbreras and Fernando Leguina, at the presentation. / Miguel Fernandez The UMA contest will raise the environmental flag from its inauguration on Wednesday 9 with the rapper Spok Sponha and will exhibit the latest from Balagueró, Carlos Vermut and Park Chan-wook It’s been a few days that it’s … Read more


Success for the Stone Theater Festival 09/16/2022 Music and dance, a perfect combination to round off the twentieth edition of the Theatrom Theatrum Stone Theater Festival organized by the Pa.Ga. Scenamediterraneo Potenza from the municipalities of Aliano, Grumento Nova and Venosa, from the Basilicata Region, from Mibact. Cupid and … Read more

‘Obey Peace Revolution’, at the Margherita Theater in Barfi the exhibition on Woman, Environment, Peace, Culture,

OBEY Peace Revolution is a visual journey that crosses four thematic points: Woman, Environment, PacAnd, Culturestimulating reflections on humanitarian issues, on existential passages, on social utopias, on values ​​of justice above the law. The exhibition, curated by Gianluca Marziani And Stefano Antonelliis promoted by City of Bariproduced and organized by … Read more