“Boomerissima”, third episode: Pierpaolo Spollon arrives

Pcontinue the appointment with Boomer. There third episode of new program led by Alessia Marcuzzi goes on air tonight at 21.20 on Rai 2. Again, one comes into play generational clash. On the one hand i Boomers and on the other i Millennialsstruggling with musical challenges and monologues to get the studio audience to decide … Read more

South Park’s Best Christmas Story Stolen From Its Most Hated Episode | Pretty Reel

Residence SR Originals South Park’s Best Christmas Story Was Stolen From Its Most Hated Episode While Woodland Critter Christmas is one of South Park’s funniest festive outings, the Christmas special stole a joke from its most hated episode. One of South Park’s biggest Christmas specials stole a joke from one of the show’s most hated … Read more

Behind the scenes of the first episode of House of the Dragon, told by the cast

According to Eve Bestwho plays Rhaenys, it was a move “very dangerous from all points of view“. The actress makes it clear, in short, that her character he would rather not remind the world of his claim to the throne. “I absolutely don’t want it mentioned, and not just because I don’t want it constantly … Read more

“Tale e Which Show 2022”: second episode. The performances and the classification | TV Smiles and Songs

Antonino also wins hands down the second episode singing like Tom Walker. According to Andrea Dianetti’s Gianni Morandi, third Claudio Lauretta as Pino Daniele Antoninus – Tom Walker Credit: © Rai Lorenzo DiPalma October 8, 2022 at 01:39 Two out of two. Antonino Spadaccinothe former “Amici” singer also won in the second appointment with “Such … Read more