At the Teatro di Ittiri the pièce “Era l’oladola?” by Daniele Monachella and Carlo Valle

Saturday 4 February on the stage of the “Comunale” the lucky comedy finalist at Roma Comic Off 2018. ITTIRI. Meditate and have fun? That is the question. Indeed no: with the brilliant Shakespearean comedy “Was it the lark?” one can laugh and reflect at a brisk pace traveling on the terrain of the absurd and … Read more

‘Parodied art’: graphic parody as a source of knowledge of an era

In the consideration of artistic genres, caricature did not begin to be appreciated until well into the 19th centurymore as a practical exercise for those who were beginning to train in the Fine Arts, to perfect drawing and explore new expressive formulas. Although already since the Renaissance great masters, such as Leonardo da Vincihad been … Read more

Have we entered an era of high inflation?

Structural inflation has led central banks to end their accommodative monetary policy (quantitative easing) put in place since the crisis of subprime until the health crisis. The long expansionist bias of this policy can moreover be considered as a source of inflation. In the United States, where inflation was 8.2% in October 2022, the Fed … Read more

“Licorice pizza” manages to make us feel nostalgia for an era we have never lived

We know well that the rhetoric of the golden age and the good old days is just a speculation about nothing. Rather than from the real historical context, the subjective propensity towards a past decade I would say derives from an elective affinity with that period: if my passion is rock, there is no doubt … Read more

Dominique Méda: “Wouldn’t it be more mobilizing to announce the era of a new abundance? »

Ln August 24, at the opening of the Council of Ministers and as a back-to-school speech, the President of the Republic solemnly announced “the end of abundance”. The formula has already caused a lot of ink to flow, with many commentators pointing out that millions of our fellow citizens have known this situation for a … Read more