Democracy is sick and those who make the evil worse are far more numerous than it seems

Atlantico: Supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro, opposed to Lula’s return to power, invaded and ransacked Congress, the Supreme Court and the presidential palace in Brasilia on Sunday January 8. After similar events at the Capitol (Washington) two years ago, how can these antidemocratic phenomena be explained? How can one explain that reasonable but disgruntled … Read more

«Evil be like», why these memes have gone viral and how to create them

Twitter and Instagram message boards have been invaded by “negative” images of celebrities parodying themselves. But memes can be replicated with any photo, even personal ones Started from the United States, the social avalanche of memes with the phrase «Evil…be like» (which we could translate as «May evil be like…») it has also landed on … Read more

Armando Pego: “We cannot get rid of evil with apocalyptic denunciations”

After his Guelph trilogy (2014–2016), and the absolute pilgrim (2020), Armando Pego presents his Poetics of the monastery (Encounter). He proposes a serene spirituality in the middle of the world, and remembers that original Sin, the Fall, is essential to understand civilization. “It is not just about the biblical account; the destruction of Troy also … Read more

Test – Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, a sequel that does not leave unscathed

More opening, more gunfight but not at all terrifying, Resident Evil Village is a great action game with a successful decrepit and morbid atmosphere. Alternately glacial and gory, it offers moments of anthologies, with grotesque and Dantesque boss fights. But big strings remain with fairly linear exploration in the end, very easy puzzles, and a … Read more

Evil’: season 3 of the supernatural series expands its mythology and establishes itself as the best horror television fiction of the decade

The King marriage series is back, which has broken any expectation that can be placed on a horror product. ‘Evil‘ season 3 comes to the SyFy channel with its usual mix of humor, social issues, unsettling tension scenes and non-one-dimensional characters that plays with the rules of the genre without taking it too seriously, but … Read more

Covid vaccine, Athanasius Schneider and Carlo Maria Viganò: the Great Awakening against the world’s evil

PANDEMIC WRITINGS COVID VACCINATIONS AS AN INTERMEDIATE STEP TOWARDS TRANSHUMANISM? Monsignor Athanasius Schneider, bishop of Astana (Kazakhstan) is considered, together with Monsignor Carlo Maria Viganò, the most critical voice towards Pope Bergoglio. For him and Viganò, even if of course they cannot declare it openly, the Pope is Benedict XVI °, since he has never … Read more

Hervé Mariton: “Water management in times of drought illustrates the French evil”

FIGAROVOX/TRIBUNE – While a major drought hits France, the mayor of Crest (Drôme), a former minister, considers water management too state-controlled and uniform in the face of the variety of local situations, and influenced by ideological drifts. Hervé Mariton is a former overseas minister and LR mayor of Crest. The summer is very dry. Water … Read more