Compelling and exciting here is the film different from the others that you absolutely cannot miss

Compelling and Who knows how many times you’ve found yourself scrolling through your streaming movie list looking for something interesting. This time, however, we would like to tell you that the film you are going to see is really different from the others. Beautiful, engaging, totally alternative and somehow, parody of many successful cooking … Read more

10 Exciting Movies That Feature Gigantic Explosions

There’s something satisfying about seeing big explosions on screen. This may be because human beings have always been drawn to fire and explosions display the same kind of heat and color in a more dramatic and loud way. Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that we don’t want to be near … Read more

New Grinch Movie Is A Bad Sign For An Exciting Horror Movie To Come | Pretty Reel

The reception of The Mean One, a parody slasher based on the classic Dr. Seuss Grinch character, is bad news for a similar horror film to come. Directed by Steven LaMorte, The Mean One flips the iconic Christmas story and sees Grinch as a horror monster out to kill everyone in his path during Christmas. … Read more

I would like to tell you that, 11 September live: Rai 2’s journey begins in search of exciting stories

From Sunday 11 September, the new TV program I would like to tell you that with Elisa Isoardi will be broadcast on Rai 2 at 3.00 pm. Starts today, Sunday 11 September at 15.00 on Rai 2the journey of I would like to tell you that, the new television program conducted by Elisa Isoardi. The … Read more

Test Immortality: an exciting investigation behind the scenes of cinema

Clapper of the year In a roundabout way, one can consider immortality as one of the best horror games of the year. Not that we are faced with a survival-horror stuffed with jump scares, but the new game by Sam Barlow (the brilliant Her Story and Telling Lies) distills from the start a disturbing strangeness … Read more