Parodies of Shakira’s song, a joke that could be expensive for ‘influencers’ and other users of social networks?

The release of Shakira’s new song in collaboration with the composer and DJ Bizarrap became an explosive phenomenon on digital platforms. The topic BZRP Music Sessions #53surprised millions of netizens in the world by having a letter loaded with darts against Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía. Despite the fact that the musical work was released … Read more

The Gray Man with Ryan Gosling: what is Netflix’s most expensive film worth?

A budget of $200 million is a lot. But is that enough to make Netflix’s blockbuster compelling? Sunday night. Since Friday, you see that The Gray Man prances in the Netflix Top of the most watched programs in France. You even end up wondering if the movie worth that you him spend 2 hours and … Read more