Ciro Priello and Fabio Balsamo return to Tv8 at the helm of “Name that tune” | TV Smiles and Songs

One sings in the car at the top of his lungs, the other only does it in his head or in the stadium Solange Savagnone January 23, 2023 at 08:51 The video call with Cyrus Priello And Fabio Balsam it begins with their stolen kiss (on the cheek). “Got you!” i’m kidding. «Oh yes, we … Read more

Three too many, conference with Fabio De Luigi and Virginia Raffaele parents in spite of themselves

Three too many – press conference with Fabio De Luigi and Virginia Raffaele The conference of Three too many with Fabio De Luigi director and protagonist together with Virginia Raphael: families that suddenly expand, parents and children grappling with the classic generational conflicts The press conference was held today Three too manythe second work of … Read more

VTT: “Video game”, when Fabio Wibmer invites himself into GTA

The Austrian rider – GoPro of the World award winner – was visibly unleashed when writing the synpopsis for “Video game”: a 9-minute film carried out at a hellish pace that should delight Grand Theft fans. Auto, of which he parodies all the codes. Without speaking of course of the amateurs of big tricks, because … Read more

Chiacchierando con Fabio Celoni – Prima Parte: un anno vissuto intensamente – Lo Spazio Bianco

Fabio Celoni non è solo uno tra i più straordinari artisti al servizio della Disney, della Bonelli e, più in generale, dell’editoria illustrata italiana, ma è anche un sognatore e un poeta dell’immagine con una visione della vita e dell’arte limpida, ariosa e onesta. Raggiunto al telefono, abbiamo avuto con lui una lunga e godibile … Read more

Weekend to live in Rome. From Ben Harper to Fabio Concato, up to “Cerchi e Fori”, a program full of events

Concerts, shows and reviews. The first weekend of August is full of great events. MUSIC. At the Auditorium Parco della Musica, on August 4, the scene will be for Ben Harper with The Innocent Criminals, with which the artist has collaborated for years in live shows, around the world, and also … Read more

Fabio De Luigi, Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo and all the others: the comedians discovered by Mai Dire Gol

Are we dreaming or are we awake? No, fortunately it is not a dream. Never Say Goal finally comes back on air Italy One. The program of the Gialappa’s Band which made Mediaset’s fortunes is ready to land on television again with a whole new look. To announce the great return to the small screen … Read more