‘Babylon’ (★★), the orgy factory and other releases of the week

These are the movie premieres that hit the screens starting on January 20: Directed by: Damien ChazelleCast: Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt, Diego Calva, Jean SmartProduction: USA, 2022. Drama There are no traces of humility in ‘Babylon’ and yes, instead (and in abundance), an exacerbated, torrential megalomania… By Jordi Batlle Caminal It is the most famous … Read more

Black Theater of Prague, a factory of fantasies

On Friday night, 15 years later, the Prague Black Theater company returned to the stage of the Eduardo Brito National Theater, where it will be this Saturday. The veteran businessman César Suárez Pizano has been the introducer of this company in the country for decades. Since the venerable founding director Jiri Srnec travels, hand in … Read more