“World Robbery” on Star+: a failed comedy about the robbery of the soccer World Cup | REVIEW

Although before the Scaloni era, the Argentine team had some ups and downs in the South American qualifiers, it is somewhat difficult to imagine it being left out of World Cup qualification. That kind of imaginary challenge that, obviously, borders on credibility, is the pillar under which it is protected “Robbery Worldl”, the new series … Read more

Luisito Comunica clarifies what happened in his failed marriage proposal at Disneyland

The influencer and Arianny Tenorio have been in a relationship since 2020, so speculation about reaching the altar is increasing more and more. Internet users reacted quickly to the proposal that the famous made to his partner in the Disney park in the United States. The also actor is one of the most recognized content … Read more

‘Buffy, Vampire Slayer’: everything that failed in the movie and Joss Whedon’s fantastic series knew how to fix


Although we all remember ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ as one of the best fantasy series in television history, the truth is that Buffy’s first approach to the screen was with the 1992 movie, from the hand of Fran Kuzui and Joss Whedon. The attempt came out somewhat regular, with a tight collection at the box office and many good ideas wasted which, luckily, the series did know how to shine.

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Destroy All Humans! 2 – Failed Review


Continuing with the success that some remakes have had in recent times, THQ Nordic and the boys from Black Forest Games brought back a classic from the PS2, GameCube and Xbox era, Destroy All Humans! Review. The game garnered generally positive reviews, although nothing remarkable and yet it was enough for the sequel to that … Read more