Twitter: the problem of fake accounts is only getting worse with Elon Musk

Twitter’s first attempt to charge for certification of accounts with a blue checkmark was absolute chaos. That’s not stopping Elon Musk, the company’s new owner, from resurrecting the idea. Last week, Twitter started allowing certain users to pay 8 dollars per month to certify their account under a subscription plan known as Twitter Blue. The … Read more

Musk suspends his great invention to finance Twitter before the flood of fake accounts

Former US President George W. Bush says that “I miss killing Iraqis” and Tony Blair, British colleague of the Azorean trio, has given him a like. OJ Simpson assures that he did it, while Lebron James asks the Lakers to sell it to the highest bidder and Nestlé confesses with a laugh that “we stole … Read more

Fake verified accounts: the big Twitter problem that affected several companies


The idea of ​​businessman Elon Musk to charge for the blue badge generated a wave of impostors who, after paying the subscription, posed as various companies and public figures. This led to the temporary suspension of the Twitter Blue service, while some of the companies report million-dollar losses Twitter Bluethe idea of ​​the billionaire Elon … Read more

Musk’s blue mess. Company collapses on the stock market: the fault of a fake tweet


At the beginning of November, Elon Musk had been prophetic: «Twitter will do a lot of stupid things in the coming months. We will keep what works and change what doesn’t work ». One of these (stupid) is undoubtedly the introduction of the paid blue check: until a few days ago it was the brand … Read more

Twitter Spoof Helps Lower Natural Gas Prices; Freeport LNG calls out fake letterheads and ‘fake news’ on Twitter


A major liquefied natural gas exporter in Texas, Freeport LNG, said Friday that statements posted earlier in the day on Twitter and other social media using fake Freeport-branded letterheads were “false information.” , adding that it had not released any recent statements regarding a restart of its liquefaction plant. “Any tweets and/or posts on Freeport … Read more

Twitter postpones the blue payment tick after the US elections for fear of fake accounts


In a week as the new head of Twitter, Elon Musk has caused a revolution in the social network, mass layoffs and new payment features. The most commented measure, in Spain and all over the world, is the change of the verification system by which it will be necessary to pay 8 dollars to continue … Read more

Fake British at Vinci in Tours What’s the f…., they (again) killed Sherlock!


Last updated on October 14, 2022 No, this is not a new performance from Festhea, the amateur theater festival that the Tourangeaux people find each fall. So much the better, because this troop would risk creating a (joyful) mess in the organization. Because, if amateurs they are, it is not sure that they are good. … Read more