The fake news of Shakira’s song about Piqué

If you only have a few seconds, read these lines about the disinformation campaign used during the release of Shakira’s song about Piqué: In the case of the Japanese electronics company Casio, we found fake tweets from “parody accounts”. False press releases and montages of covers also arose, such as that of the best-known magazine … Read more

When video games interfere with fake news

Soldiers clash in burning cities, warplanes are shot down by missiles, drones pulverize tanks: these images seem larger than life, but are actually taken from war video games like “Arma 3” which feed the flood of misinformation. Clips taken from this game, to which the headbands are often added “Live” Where “breaking newsto make them … Read more

Fake, quei falsi che dicono il vero

Quando l’imitazione supera l’originale Filologia dei comizi in 140 caratteri Il caso regionali: social pieni, urne vuote Quando l’imitazione supera l’originale di ROBERTA BENVENUTO e MARCO BRACCONIROMA – Se cercavi Dio, una volta dovevi andare in Chiesa. Oggi può bastare andare su Twitter. Dove Nostro Signore ha oltre 300mila fedeli. Non è dato sapere se … Read more

Twitter suspends the paid blue check: thousands of fake accounts and parodies

A pharmaceutical company promises free insulin, Tesla jokes about child labor and a Republican Mid-Term candidate gives up: the paid blue check generates chaos. The proposal: a new “Official” label There is the PepsiCo who finally gives up: «Coke is superior“, then George W. Bush who admits: “I miss killing in Iraq» (Tony Blair agrees … Read more

Twitter: the problem of fake accounts is only getting worse with Elon Musk

Twitter’s first attempt to charge for certification of accounts with a blue checkmark was absolute chaos. That’s not stopping Elon Musk, the company’s new owner, from resurrecting the idea. Last week, Twitter started allowing certain users to pay 8 dollars per month to certify their account under a subscription plan known as Twitter Blue. The … Read more