Casio: “Piqué, thanks for the free marketing, but we choose to be neutral”: #False

An alleged statement has been shared on social networks along with a tweet from the Casio company, where it would have said: “Piqué, thanks for the free marketing, but we chose to be neutral.” Fast Check CL qualified this as false, since it was not shared by the official Casio account, but by a parody. … Read more

Casio Spain accounts on Twitter are false

“You traded a Rolex for a Casio, you go ‘accelerao’, go slowly…“ Four days ago the music producer bizarre released his 53rd session on YouTube with Shakira. A subject in which the Colombian artist has materialized her emotional situation after the dissolution of her marriage with the soccer player Gerard Piqué and that has monopolized … Read more

Letter from Juan Guaidó where he does not abide by the dissolution of the interim is false

1517162 Caracas.- On the night of January 4, Juan Guaidó’s press team denied a statement that was circulating on social networks allegedly signed by the opposition leader. According to the false document, the decision to conclude the Interim Government is branded as a parody of “living room coup”. According to the text, Juan Guaidó does … Read more

Le Grand Restaurant: impossible to have 10/10 in this true or false quiz on the film with Louis de Funès

Published on November 26, 2022 8:00 a.m. By Virginie Incerto Of all the films with Louis de Funès, do you really know The Grand Restaurant (1966)? With our true or false quiz in ten questions, we will see immediately if the potato soufflé swells or falls easily! IF THIS QUIZ IS NOT DISPLAYING CORRECTLY FOR … Read more

Trump’s false tweet that is shared along with another from Elon Musk that uses similar expressions

The image of a tweet from Elon Musk compared to that of an alleged 2018 tweet from Donald Trump whose messages use a very similar structure and language. On these screenshots, which are shared side by side, some users have made comments like: “Elon Musk is a copy and paste of Trump.” However, while Musk’s … Read more

It is false that Jair Bolsonaro announced “scandalous fraud” after the second round in Brazil

“Urgent! The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, claims to have evidence of ‘scandalous fraud’ and has decreed the mobilization of the Armed Forces in the country”, warn several posts on Facebook and Twitter. This supposed data has been circulating since October 31, 2022, one day after the second round of elections in the South American … Read more

It is false that the use of a mask will be mandatory in Chile from October 3, 2022

Copyright AFP 2017-2022. All rights reserved. The Chilean Ministry of Health reported on September 21, 2022 that the use of masks will no longer be mandatory in the country from October 1. However, publications on social networks have spread an alleged graphic from the Meganoticias medium in which it is contradictorily reported that “the mask … Read more