It is false that the use of a mask will be mandatory in Chile from October 3, 2022

Copyright AFP 2017-2022. All rights reserved. The Chilean Ministry of Health reported on September 21, 2022 that the use of masks will no longer be mandatory in the country from October 1. However, publications on social networks have spread an alleged graphic from the Meganoticias medium in which it is contradictorily reported that “the mask … Read more

The statement attributed to the Renovación Popular party reporting the death of candidate Rafael López Aliaga is false

An alleged statement from the Renovación Popular party that ‘regrets’ the death of the candidate for mayor of Metropolitan Lima Rafael López Aliaga has been shared hundreds of times on Twitter during the morning hours of October 1, 2022, one day before the Regional and Municipal Elections in Peru. However, there is no record of … Read more

San Sebastian Film Festival 2022 | ‘Bardo, false chronicle of a few truths’ is the oneiric masturbation of an unleashed Iñárritu, for better and for worse


The self-awareness of your mistakes does not make them minor. Alejandro González Iñárritu is aware that in ‘Bardo’, the film that has been followed by an endless almost inadvertently parodic subtitle, he has forced his own machinery, and even parodies it in the film itself, with very little success. In search of the perfect movie, … Read more

Le Grand Restaurant: impossible to have 10/10 in this true or false quiz on the film with Louis de Funès


Published on September 23, 2022 2:00 p.m. By Virginie Incerto Of all the films with Louis de Funès, do you really know The Grand Restaurant (1966)? With our true or false quiz in ten questions, we will see immediately if the potato soufflé swells or falls easily! IF THIS QUIZ IS NOT DISPLAYING CORRECTLY FOR … Read more

Karol Cariola: “We invite our fellow brothers from the Jewish community to all wear a Star of David on their clothes (…)”: #False


An alleged tweet circulates by deputy Karol Cariola where she calls on the Jewish community to wear a Star of David. However, the publication is false, since it comes from a parody account. In case you have little time: An alleged tweet by Karol Cariola is circulating on social networks, in which these sayings are … Read more

False statements attributed to politicians to attack the feminist movement


Resources used Own production material Statements erroneously attributed to public figures, including politicians, are often disseminated and viralized. It is not uncommon to find manipulated or taken out of context statements that are shared on social networks as true without being so. That Ada Colau has said that “implementing a male curfew at night can … Read more

The tweet attributed to Daniel Urresti that shows “support” for Pedro Castillo is false

A tweet in the @DanielUrresti account, published on August 26, 2022, has had 500 retweets and 1,651 likes. This publication shows an alleged pronouncement by the candidate for mayor of Metropolitan Lima for the Podemos Peru party, Daniel Urresti Elera. In said post, he assures that he does not speak about the President of the … Read more

Prosecuted in particular for public insults, insulting the Head of State and spreading false rumors, Jean


Implicated in a procedure at the General Prosecutor’s Office near the Court of Cassation, the former first vice-president of the National Assembly risks being sentenced to penalties of up to five years of penal servitude, with the possibility of a accumulation. He is prosecuted for the offenses of harmful imputations, public insults, insulting the authorities … Read more

It is false that the first lady of France, Brigitte Macron, has undergone “prostate surgery”

Facebook users spread a screenshot of an article claiming that Brigitte Macron, wife of the current president of France, Emmanuel Macron, would have undergone “emergency prostate surgery”. “Macron’s ‘woman’ operated on the prostate”, “Brigitte Macron underwent emergency prostate surgery. (…) They also took the apple from Adam and a vasectomy in 2020″; are some of … Read more

It is false that Brigitte Macron underwent prostate surgery, the headline comes from a satirical website


A screenshot of an article in French is circulating on social media claiming that Brigitte Macron, wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, “had undergone prostate surgery.” However, it is false. The text that is shared as true is from 2018 and was published by a satirical website. “Macron’s ‘wife’ underwent prostate surgery. Just as she … Read more