‘The Secret of the Greco Family’. The review

It is available on Netflix the first season of The secret of the Greco familya Mexican series, consisting of nine episodes, created by Sebastian Ortega. A crime drama set in a seemingly happy family. Between kidnappings, torture and murders, the conflict between appearance and reality emerges in an oppressive family context. Based on true events, … Read more

Argonuts – Mission Olympus: The Italian preview trailer, with the voices of the Space Family and the Mc Brothers

IS the animated film is coming to the cinema Argonuts – Mission Olympus, an opportunity to dive into the world of ancient Greece with fun, rediscovering (without ever getting bored) its art, history and literature. TheWom.it presents you the exclusive Italian trailer. Exit the February 9thdistributed by Notorious picturesthe animated film Argonuts – Mission Olympus. … Read more

‘Wednesday’: the return of the Addams family


The Netflix series that promises to be the next hit on the streaming platform arrives to revive the story of the most controversial family in film and television The most peculiar family returns to the screen today, this time from the point of view of the smallest of the family: Merlina. With a stellar performance … Read more

Dany Leprince comes out of silence, his family, his loved ones, and those of his wife too


By Carine Robinault Published on 21 Nov 22 at 6:40 L’Echo Sarthois See my news Follow this media Cousins, friends, one of the sons of his wife Anie, the supporters of Dany Leprince, released from 18 years in prison for the quadruple murder of Thorigné-sur-Dué, are numerous, in Sarthe, Marmande, and elsewhere. ©Carine ROBINAULT Dany … Read more

George Lucas enjoyed the Family Guy parodies of Star Wars


The creator of Family Guy Seth MacFarlane, along with his co-showrunners Rich Appel and Alec Sulkin, met for an interview to commemorate the show reaching its 400th episode. Sitting down with The Hollywood Reporter, the trio were asked to talk about their show’s Star Wars parody episodes, the first of which, “Blue Harvest,” kicked off … Read more

The cast of Family Business: all about the actors of the series


The actors who play in Family Business succeeded in making it one of the most endearing French comedies of the last decade. Funny, quirky, inspiring and seductive, Gérard Hazan, Joseph Hazan, Aure Hazan, Ludmila Rosenberg, Olivier Pariente, Ali Benkikir, Clémentine Cendron, Aïda Benkikir and Youssef Benkikir bring to Igor Gotesman’s screenplay exactly what he needed … Read more

After 24 years there is still a doctor in the family. But who is watching it?


It was 1998 when he made his debut on Rai A doctor in the family, fiction inspired by the Spanish series of the same name, which ran until 2016, quickly becoming one of the longest-running series on Italian television. Full of good feelings and situations that often resulted in the suspension of disbelief, A doctor … Read more

The Simpsons poke fun at Family Guy, Rick & Morty AND South Park in 1 episode | Pretty Reel


While The Simpsons has already taken a few shots at its contestants, Season 34’s Treehouse of Horror Halloween special was the first episode to explicitly poke fun at South Park, Rick and Morty, and Family Guy in the same gag – and has even made room to poke fun at a few other comedy series … Read more

Halloween, 20 “thrill” films (and cartoons) for children (from 5 years) and teenagers: here are the best ones to see with the family


It’s time to go back to humming Trick or Treak for the little ones and for the adults to fill the houses with candy and get ready to open the door every time the doorbell rings. And on October 31, the intercom will ring a lot on Halloween. Italian children, who steal this custom from … Read more

‘The Prince’: the animated parody of the British royal family that HBO Max canceled and that has not yet been seen in Spain

The British royal family is a gold mine for fiction. From the solemn tribute of the series The Crown (here everything about its sixth season) even the hilarious portrait he makes of the royals the comedy The Windsor’sgoing through the drama of spencerwhich keeps our obsession with Princess Diana alive: Queen Elizabeth II and her … Read more