Blog | The fumes of the furnace, the Feast of Poetry which is a small miracle

As the most attentive of my twenty-five readers will have noticed, for some time I have decided to dedicate this space of mine not to the easy exercise of slating or to the sterile lamentation of the dominant ugliness, but to give space and voice to few events worthy of attention that I discover in … Read more

Successfully concluded the swordfish festival, Aci Trezza prepares for the feast of the patron saint San Giovanni Battista on day 24 with the return of the ancient pantomime “U pisci a mari”

1 minute (reading time) ACI TREZZA – After the June edition of the traditional Swordfish Festival, with a satisfactory success for the organizers, Aci Trezza is preparing to experience the external shooting of the celebrations in honor of the patron Saint John the Baptist with the revival of the ancient pantomime “U pisci a seas … Read more