Juan Manuel Gil, novelist: “There is a mistaken pomposity around the figure of writers”

Two years ago, Juan Manuel Gil received a call from a very long number. He doubted whether to take it or not, but in the end he did and there, on the other side, they told him that Clean wheat had been done with Brief Library Award 2021, which is awarded annually by the Seix … Read more

Zorro parody for mineral water: the limits on using a figure protected by copyright

Civil by Francesco Machina Grifeo 05 January 2023 The Cassation, order n. 38165/2022, takes stock of the discipline that protects trademarks and copyrights Exclusive Norms & Tributes Plus content Up to where the parody of a fictional character still protected by copyright to advertise a product commercial? The Court provides an answer to this question, … Read more

Haaland is a scoring machine in the Champions League, but Sevilla ridicule City: the embarrassing figure

At their Champions League debut, City mistreated Sevilla, with a wild Haaland (brace). But the Spanish club has taken a particular revenge, published some data that have put the British in the hat. Erling Haaland picked up where he left off with Dortmund colors: scoring. The Norwegian phenomenon continues to put together exceptional performances, maintaining … Read more

Paloma : “Ça me plaît de me dire que si je suis connu, je ne le suis pas en tant que figure masculine toxique”

Une dizaine de jours après son sacre, rencontre avec Paloma, reine de “Drag Race France”. Irrésistiblement drôle en Fanny Ardant “cosmique”, incandescente dans les vêtements rougeoyants de Lady Oscar ou encore espionne de nuit toute de velours vêtue dans la peau de l’actrice du muet Musidora, Paloma, tout au long de la première saison de … Read more