It was a joke and it stayed: the history of the Ninja Turtles | TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection compiles the first files and video games of the franchise

If video games didn’t exist, they would have to be invented. If pizza didn’t exist, same thing. And if the Ninja Turtles they did not exist, well. Because somehow something strange, that drawing made half in fun, half seriously, by two classmates to parody Daredevilbecame a cultural icon. And to those four TMNTs that revitalized … Read more

Visit of Mohammed ben Salmane in France: the cumbersome files of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia

Since coming to power in Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman has ruled his kingdom with an iron fist, alternating between purges and repressions. Banished from international society since the assassination of a dissident journalist, the Saudi crown prince is gradually regaining color. Since last December, Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden have both met MBS. The … Read more

“You, with your goat face!” : an elected Lotoise, insulted in the middle of a municipal council meeting, files a complaint

the essential A municipal councilor from Vire sur Lot filed a complaint against a person who insulted her in the middle of the session. The remarks made were said to be racist. “You, with your goat face!” The words are still slamming into Malika Maizia-Lasserre’s head, like an uppercut. “There is the subject, but also … Read more

“My mother was unrecognizable”: a family from Béarn files a complaint against Korian

Michel and Geneviève assure us: their nonagenarian mother was in good physical condition for her age before her hospitalization. Alert and autonomous, this little woman with a strong character quietly led her “granny life”. “She walked two afternoons a week to her Golden Age club in Jurançon, played the lottery, did her shopping, cooked and … Read more