Giornata della memoria: in sala e in streaming i film e i doc per ricordare le vittime dell’Olocausto

Tra grande schermo e piattaforme streaming, la memoria verrà preservata: è infatti all’insegna del documentario d’autore, del cinema d’animazione e del racconto storico il viaggio cinematografico nel segno del Giorno della memoria, che si celebra ogni 27 gennaio, in ricordo di tutte le vittime dell’Olocausto a opera della Germania nazista e dei suoi alleati. Dai … Read more

Razzie Awards, all the nominations on the worst of the film season

The nominations for the next Academy Awards will be announced on Tuesday the twenty-fourth of January: as per tradition, they come the day before spread the nominations for the Razzie Awards, the awards that celebrate the worst of the film season that has just ended. Founded in 1981 by John JB Wilson with the name … Read more

‘Make it run’ the new film by Giampaolo Morelli

Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on news from around the world A film that between laughter and adventures can easily be defined as a “action comedy”. Giampaolo Morelli signs his second direction setting a comedy between Naples and Rome in which the sudden and mysterious lack of cannabis seedlings will convince a “gang” … Read more

“Ticket to Paradise” is released, the film with George Clooney and Julia Roberts

The two Oscar-winning actors are the protagonists of this romantic and brilliant comedy, directed by Ol Parker and in Italian cinemas from today 6 October. They play a divorced couple, now on bad terms, who come together for a mission: to convince their daughter not to marry a boy they recently met in Bali. Here’s … Read more

“Nope”: the review of the new film by Jordan Peele

“Nope”to be released on August 11 in Italian cinemas, is the third work resulting from the brilliant mind of Jordan Peele, the American director, screenwriter and producer, who in recent years has secured, with great character and intelligence, the primacy of modern ” Master of the Thrill”. “Nope”: The Synopsis The movie sees Daniel Kaluuja … Read more

Make it spin, a cry for freedom in the form of an action comedy: Giampaolo Morelli presents the film from today on Prime Video

Make it turn, the second directorial film by Giampaolo Morelli arrives today exclusively on Prime Video and is a wild comedy with an ensemble cast. The director and performers Ciro Priello, Fabio Balsamo, Laura Adriani and Giovanni Esposito tell us about it. If in 7 hours to make you fall in love, Giampaolo Morelli had … Read more

Netflix orders the sequel to the animated film The Sea Monster

The platform also finds director Chris Williams (The New Heroes) for a new fantasy animated film. This year Netflix and animation have had their ups and downs. the Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro received excellent reviews, Wendell & Wilddesigned by Henry Selick and Jordan Peele intrigued the public and The Sea Monster has become the … Read more

Compelling and exciting here is the film different from the others that you absolutely cannot miss

Compelling and Who knows how many times you’ve found yourself scrolling through your streaming movie list looking for something interesting. This time, however, we would like to tell you that the film you are going to see is really different from the others. Beautiful, engaging, totally alternative and somehow, parody of many successful cooking … Read more

Weird: Daniel Radcliffe is Al Yankovic in a film dedicated to the legendary singer

dDaniel Radcliffe wears Hawaiian shirt and plays accordion Weird Al Yankovic in the film dedicated to the legendary American singer-songwriter and comedian. Weird Al Yankovicthe song parodist at the center of a film with Daniel Radcliffe, rose to fame with hits such as Eat Itclear mockery of Beat It, a hit by Michael Jackson. So, … Read more