The Castle of the Ceremonies 2 September live: the wedding of Francesco Merola and Marianna

On Friday 2 September the new season of Il Castello delle Cerimonie will be broadcast on Real Time at 11.00 pm with Imma and Matteo Giordano. It airs tonight, Friday, September 2, at 11pm on Real Time and streaming on Discovery + The Castle of the Ceremonies. The protagonists of the first episode of the … Read more

Doodling with Altan (2). In the beginning it was Trino di Francesco Memo


In the beginning it was Trino. That’s where it all started: not only Altan’s long career but also, in the proper sense, the origin of the world. In fact, these ingenious strips tell the relationship between a little god who is a little clumsy, engaged in creation, and his superior, or more precisely his client, … Read more

Il Pataffio: review of the film by Francesco Lagi


A well-directed and interpreted historical farce that makes you smile without being vulgar At the cinema since August 18, The Pataffio, a film of which we present the review in this article, is a film written and directed by Francesco Lagi. The film, in costume, boasts a well matched cast of Italian actors: including Alessandro … Read more

Francesco Cicchella returns to the theater in Naples: “It’s wonderful to find the public after Covid”


Francesco Cicchella returns to perform on the stage of Augusteo Theater and is immediately a standing ovation. Thus, with the premiere of his new show – Bis – the talented handyman showman managed to conquer the Neapolitan audience present in the hall to the sound of music and comedy. He was inspired by historical characters … Read more