Journalistic freedom: the right to be forgotten cannot always be recognised

In the judgment in question (case of ML and WW Germany – applications nos. 60798/10 and 65599/10), the European Court of Human Rights unanimously states that there is no violation of Article 8 (right respect for private life) of the European Convention on Human Rights. Go to the Judgment The case concerns the refusal of … Read more

In the UK, the government wants to restrict the freedom to demonstrate to fight against the actions of environmental activists

During an Extinction Rebellion protest in Parliament Square in London on September 3, 2020, activists stuck their hands on the pavement. FRANK AUGSTEIN / PA The British Conservative government introduced on Monday January 16 an amendment to the Public Order Bill reinforcing the already repressive nature of this text, which explicitly aims to hinder the … Read more

Make it spin, a cry for freedom in the form of an action comedy: Giampaolo Morelli presents the film from today on Prime Video

Make it turn, the second directorial film by Giampaolo Morelli arrives today exclusively on Prime Video and is a wild comedy with an ensemble cast. The director and performers Ciro Priello, Fabio Balsamo, Laura Adriani and Giovanni Esposito tell us about it. If in 7 hours to make you fall in love, Giampaolo Morelli had … Read more

Iran: Youth cry out for freedom, culture is imprisoned

First women, then men and intellectuals have dared to challenge the mullahs’ regime for more than a hundred days. The world of culture is at the forefront of resistance. However, their popularity does not always protect them. Every week in Tehran, fountains fill with a blood-red liquid. A highly symbolic act of creation, an accusing … Read more

#MeTooLesbien: “We want to create a space for freedom of speech and support for victims”

The creator of the “MeToo Lesbian” account, interviewed for the first time in a media, returns to the recent surge of testimonies posted on social networks concerning violence against women by women, which she initiated. For a little less than a week, testimonies have been pouring in on Twitter to denounce violence against women by … Read more

Freedom of speech, moderation, decentralization: how the German Eugen Rochko thought of Mastodon

“_There is no way to control when success happens, only to lay the foundations for it_”. That’s what it said Eugen Rochko in interview in 2018. Words that look like a premonition for this 29-year-old German engineer who has been gaining notoriety in recent weeks by offering an alternative to Twitter: Mastodon. A disappointed Twitter … Read more

Freedom of expression, the fair one?: This is how Elon Musk acts against those who cross the line on Twitter

One of the great objectives of Elon Musk in his intention to acquire Twitter was to make the platform reign freedom of expression; that any user can share her opinion, however controversial it may be, without the social network limiting or even permanently suspending her account. Since then, and especially since the tycoon completed the … Read more

DSA and Twitter Blue, a coming revolution in the moderation of freedom of expression?

Following this announcement, the twittersphere boiled over, even leading author Stephen King to compare the strategy of the new CEO of Twitter at the Enron affair. To date, account verification makes it possible to authenticate on the network the real account of a personality or company thanks to a pellet attached to his nickname. This … Read more

The ‘postprocés’: freedom to insult each other with impunity, by Jordi Bernal

After the remains of the converging shipwreck of the Govern de la Generalitat came out, the former secretary general of Junts Jordi Sánchez considered the process. It has been five years of uninterrupted turra that leave a bleak political, moral and economic landscape. If there is a good news, a happy note, it is that, … Read more

Iranian women and the middle finger of freedom

Thomas Legrand’s post At the risk of their lives, the young demonstrators waved their middle fingers to tell the political and religious authorities to “go fuck themselves”. This supreme transgression is a sign of rallying to our values, those of the free world. The finger of honor of young Iranian women to the address of … Read more