Hiram Peón: The meeting of the three friends

The trilateral meeting of the three presidents united by the free trade agreement, Canada, the United States and Mexico, have captured the front pages of all the important newspapers in our country. The meeting has been called the Three Amigos, in clear reference to the American western Three Amigos (1986) that bears the same name. … Read more

Unicorn Wars is a new Happy Tree Friends, committed to ecology

At the cinema on December 28, the new animated feature film by Alberto Vazquez tells us about war, the environment and religion through the fate of cubs as cute as they are bloodthirsty. Don’t be fooled by these adorable little multicolored teddy bears. Behind these angelic faces hide ruthless warriors. So refuse this cinema outing … Read more

Los Primos, the parody of the opening of Friends with participants of Big Brother 2022 that went viral

The parody of the opening of Friends with participants of Big Brother 2022 that went viral the reality Big Brother 2022 (Telefe) has managed to captivate thousands of viewers who follow the day to day of what happens inside the house. In the last few hours, a parody of the opening of the mythical series … Read more

The ending of the movie My Best Friend’s Exorcism explained

The explained ending of the movie My Best Friend’s Exorcism, directed by Damon Thomas. The film is a bizarre coming-of-age tale about how a demon takes possession of a friend and isolates her from her other friends. The film tells of various friendship trials and could be perceived as a parody with all its stereotypes. … Read more

My Best Friend’s Exorcism is Mean Girls + Satan and yet it doesn’t work

We think we have certainties, fixed points, anchors to cling to, then the world arrives and changes again, for the umpteenth time, all the cards on the table. It seemed we all agreed that Netflix has a problem with movies and that “a new Netflix movie” nine times out of ten sounds like a sentence; … Read more

My Best Friend’s Exorcism Review: ’80s Teen Drama and Horror

The reviews of David Perez “Davicine”:The exorcism of my best friend In this comedy-horror thriller set in 1988, teenage friends Abby (Elsie Fisher) and Gretchen (Amy Miller) are confronted by a supernatural demon possessing Gretchen’s body. Directed by DamonThomas, with script of Jenna Lamia, and based on the novel by Grady Hendrix, The exorcism of … Read more