“Reboot”, the series that makes fun… of reboots, on the streaming platform that broadcasts the most reboots

If you haven’t yet discovered this Disney+ sitcom, don’t hesitate to take a look. Humor and second degree on the program. ©Disney+ Published on 01/18/2023 at 16:50 By F.Ser. Released a few weeks ago, the “Reboot” series went unnoticed. And yet, it deserves a look! We follow the setbacks of actors in a sitcom from … Read more

Casio responds to Shakira and Bizarrap’s song with a fun meme

Written in CELEBRITIES the 1/12/2023 11:05 a.m. The separation of Shakira and Gerard Pique It continues to give people something to talk about despite the fact that it was several months ago that they announced the end of their relationship. And it is that the break occurred in the midst of strong rumors of infidelity … Read more

Movie Releases: Watch Them Run is a fun parody of Agatha Christie mysteries

Look how they run, premiere on Thursday 22 look how they run (See How They RunUnited States/2022). Direction: Tom George. Script: Mark Chappell. Photography: Jamie Ramsey. Edition: Gary Dollner, Peter Lambert. Cast: Sam Rockwell, Saoirse Ronan, Ruth Wilson, Adrien Brody, Harris Dickinson, Reece Shearsmith, Sian Cliford, David Yelowo, Shirley Henderson. Distributor: Disney-Fox. Duration: 98 minutes. … Read more

“Learning a new skill”: JoeyStarr makes fun of Kim Glow on Instagram

Who says new year, says new resolutions. For ex-reality TV star Kim Glow, it starts with an Instagram post. A “real” on the social network that made Joeystarr laugh. She went from reality TV to Instagram. Kim Glow, real name Sophie Laune, was revealed in the Marseilles in Miami then continued with a dozen programs … Read more

Devig: “Making fun of investigators with infallible judgment”

In this delightful second volume of “The Mysterious Histories of Major Burns”, our two heroes find themselves confronted with a dozen legendary stories from the Victorian era. The ghosts of Blake, Mortimer, Sherlock and Watson necessarily hover above this hilarious parody with black humor, sometimes absurd and chiseled dialogues. Major Burns and Doctor Wayne parody … Read more

What to watch if you like ‘Stabs in the back: The Mystery of the Glass Onion’: 3 fun movies with mysterious murders that you can enjoy streaming

For some time now we are checking a Rise in the number of murder-themed movies, investigation and mysteries to solve. A phenomenon that we can attribute to the success of ‘daggers in the back‘, who faces it in a fun and even self-conscious way to maintain a necessary freshness apart from a well-developed intrigue. A … Read more

Vicenza, it will be “A cursed job” but Manuele Righele’s book is fun

Secrets, intrigues and murders in a surreal world signed by Manuel Righele Manuel Righele and his book “A cursed job” Philosophical and surreal dialogues, a plot that winds between parallel worlds inhabited by eccentric wizards, cruel government officials and bungling heroes, a fresh and fun style: these are the ingredients of “A cursed job”, first … Read more

A fun and supportive ‘Traviata’: the vernacular parody at Verdi in Pisa for Stella Maris

An amusing parody in the vernacular will be the solidarity event that the Lions Club Pisa Certosa and the Stella Maris Foundation present for Christmas in Pisa. La Traviata sees Crocchio Goliardi Spensierati on stage and will be staged on 5 December at 20.30 at the Teatro Verdi in Pisa. The proceeds of the charity … Read more

“Ciao 2020”, the New Year’s show in Russia that makes fun of the Italian TV of the 80s

An hour of pure madness, neon lights, sequins, puns and 80s inspiration: this is the parody created by the Russian satirical show “Vecherniy Urgant (Evening Urgant)” hosted by the famous TV personality Ivan Urgant. “Hello, 2020”, an improbable “New Year’s Music Festival” all in Italian – songs and dialogues included – was broadcast last December … Read more