Controversy in Olavarría: students made a parody of Cristina Kirchner and made fun of the “planeros”

A student representation that took place in the city of Olavarria in the run-up to Spring Day ended in a great controversy: a group of students from the last year of the Monsignor Cesar Caneva School they made a sketch parodying the vice president Cristina Kirchner and in the middle of the performance they described … Read more

Rubí reacted to Cesia’s imitation of Myriam Montemayor: “It wasn’t to make fun”

Cesia, Rubí and Myriam Montemayor (Photos: Instagram) The winner of The Academy: 20 years, Cesia Saenzhas been involved in controversy after a viralized imitate Myriam Montemayor, who served as godmother during the Tv Azteca singing contest. Given this, Ruby Ibarra He broke the silence and defended his partner. It was through a live with TVNoteswhere … Read more

the moviola | Lessons for scoundrels: the fun of the cinephile drive


@lamoviola The national month begins (truly I tried not to enter with this common place, but it is irresistible), and the billboard has good options without having to have the air of Blockbuster. It is the case of lessons for scoundrels (Gustavo Moheno, 2022), and The mafia tailor (Graham Moore, 2022). In the first case, … Read more

Mattia Stanga, star of TikTok: «I’m making fun of everyone. The secret? I like mothers “


from Michela Rovelli The success of the video parody of the 24-year-old Brescia student and Economics student in Milan: «I have 2.6 million followers and no haters. My doctor has become a fan “ His specialty is summed up in three letters, POV – stands for Point of View – an increasingly popular (indeed, viral) … Read more

10 years of VTEP: Arthur unveils a hilarious parody of Squid Game (Netflix) and makes fun of the failure of District Z (VIDEO)


Tweeter Share on Facebook To promote the anniversary bonus of On Friday, everything is allowedbroadcast on January 29 on TF1, Arthur and his guests embarked on a parody of the Netflix series, Squid Game. An original and hilarious trailer! The continuation under this advertisement Ten years ago, TF1 launched the show On Friday, everything is … Read more

Tito Silva Music released a fun version of ‘Mi bebito fiu fiu’ and surprised fans


Tito Silva Music released a fun version of ‘Mi bebito fiu fiu’ that delighted fans | Instagram ‘My baby fiu fiu’ keep giving what to talk about. the music producer Tito Silva Musiccreator of the viral phenomenon that went around the world, shared on his social networks a new version of the song inspired by … Read more

Forspoken: the last trailer is made fun of by Internet users, parodies in all directions


It’s not easy being Forspoken’s product manager. Since its announcement, the Square Enix game has had a string of disappointments. Between a universe that does not really seem to please fans of the genre, the choice of the actress Ella Balinska who is not unanimous, inglorious previews, a postponed release date, we can not say … Read more

‘SNL’ Parodies Amber Heard, Johnny Depp’s ‘Fun’ Trial: Video


Do what they do best. Saturday Night Live is known for his weird celebrity impersonations and taking on new trends – and Johnny Depp’s ongoing defamation lawsuit against the ex-wife Amber Heard is no exception. Saturday, May 14 episode — hosted by Selena Gomez — kicked off with an MSNBC-inspired sketch of the exes’ “peekaboo” … Read more

Rohff makes fun of Booba who speaks “Chinese” and releases a compromising file


Without pity with Booba, Rohff lets go to ridicule him! While for the moment the fight between Rohff and Booba no longer seems relevant, the two rappers do not let go. Following Housni’s demands to set up this confrontation, B2O has just responded and he is not enthusiastic about the conditions offered by his rival, … Read more

‘Isekai Ojisan’: Netflix’s hilarious anime that pokes fun at the fantastic genre with a protagonist recently out of a coma


Netflix It has already released several animes in simulcast with Japan, such as ‘Blue Period’ and ‘Komi-san Can’t Communicate’, with weekly updates instead of releasing the entire season in one fell swoop. The most recent series to join the format this month has been ‘My uncle is from another world’ (‘Isekai Ojisan’), a fantasy comedy … Read more