The Complete Collapse: the funniest French post

We liked – A humor whose acuity never drops– Relevant parodies that appeal to everyone– An almost inexhaustible reservoir of jokes Emile Bertier and Yann Girard sign with The Complete Collapse one of the funniest comics of the last decade; the reader in their company exceeds the good moment that one expects from a good … Read more

It’s the craziest and funniest reality show of the year and it gives Temptation Island a thousand kicks: you only have this weekend to marathon it before it disappears from HBO Max

Within the list of titles that They will soon be gone from HBO Max.we have the funniest and most addictive reality show of the year (along with season 2 of ‘Drag Race Spain’). ‘FBOY Island’ triumph where Telecinco’s reality shows fail Y You only have until Sunday the 18th before they remove it of HBO … Read more

28 Days Haunted: 9 funniest reactions from Reddit | Pretty Reel

Netflix’s 28 Days Haunted tests a theory by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren for communicating with spirits. Although the series has yet to be renewed for season 2, hosts Aaron Sagers and Tony Spera are ending the series, stating their desire to investigate new locations to prove Warren’s theory and capture proof of the … Read more

10 Funniest Comedies People Don’t Talk About Enough

Every person has a favorite comedy. It might be Presenter, Blazing Saddles, Friday, Bridesmaids, perhaps even by Ingrid Bergman winter light in a sick and twisted way. RELATED: The 20 Best Comedies Of The 2010s, RankedBut there are dozens of other comedies that people barely mention, but they’re just as funny as the classics. Here … Read more

The 10 funniest Christmas games on consoles

The end-of-year celebrations are still far away, but it’s already high time to think about how to create a Christmas atmosphere in your home. The players deserve it, which is why Christophe Gignac, an Online Casino expert, has decided to compile a list of the best funny Christmas games. “Indeed, holiday-themed video games aren’t as … Read more

‘An opportunity’, the funniest (and haunted) book by Pablo Katchadjian

review to Paul Katchadjian (Buenos Aires, 1977), just like reading it, it is always fun because each hypothesis that occurs to you as you advance to explain what each new book of his does begins to sound ridiculous very soon, like the impostures of a pedantic critic of which he himself text is preemptively mocked. … Read more

The 10 funniest parodies of the documentary now! | Pretty Reel

The hilarious and irreverent parody series from IFC Documentary Now! recently returned for its fourth season, and fans are excited to see which famous documentaries will be spoofed. Showing that no doc is immune to a good ribbing, the show’s best episodes are also some of the funniest parodies in television history. Whether parodying award-winning … Read more

The funniest jokes about Listenbourg, an imaginary country born on Twitter

Twitter screenshot The Listenbourg, as presented on the map of Europe by its creator, a certain Gaspardo, as he is called on Twitter. Twitter screenshot The Listenbourg, as presented on the map of Europe by its creator, a certain Gaspardo, as he is called on Twitter. UNUSUAL – When a joke about the level in … Read more

Top of the funniest porn parodies in cinema

For many years, there have been countless films, series and popular personalities who have had their pornographic parody. With modified titles, each funnier than the next, these X versions prove more than ever the notoriety of their basic materials. Focus on some of them…. Batman XXX: A Porn Parody Released in 2010, this porn parody … Read more