Literature. Giorgio Manganelli’s mirror games

Giorgio Manganelli (1922-1900) – archive Were it another author, the difference between recurrence and celebration could be taken for a slight. In the case of Giorgio Manganelli, however, the temporal misalignment pays homage, because Manganelli was the convinced theorist of «decommemoration», a paradoxical concept often taken up by the publications released on the occasion of … Read more

Video games that would work as TV series | EarthGamer

After a long time the video game they are finally receiving decent adaptations to other media. Although there are already movies that have been well received, it seems that the success is more marked in the television series. Castlevania, League of Legends and Cyberpunk are a clear example of this. Source: Fortiche – Riot Games … Read more

When video games interfere with fake news

Soldiers clash in burning cities, warplanes are shot down by missiles, drones pulverize tanks: these images seem larger than life, but are actually taken from war video games like “Arma 3” which feed the flood of misinformation. Clips taken from this game, to which the headbands are often added “Live” Where “breaking newsto make them … Read more

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple are the lowest rated games in the franchise

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple have had a lot of performance issues since their release. | Nintendo The games ”Scarlet Pokemon” Y ”pokemon purple” have made history by being the games of the franchise Pokemon worst rated of all time According to the Metacritic page, ninth-generation games have become the titles with the lowest score Based … Read more

The 10 funniest Christmas games on consoles

The end-of-year celebrations are still far away, but it’s already high time to think about how to create a Christmas atmosphere in your home. The players deserve it, which is why Christophe Gignac, an Online Casino expert, has decided to compile a list of the best funny Christmas games. “Indeed, holiday-themed video games aren’t as … Read more

TEST New Tales from the Borderlands: is not Telltale Games who wants

For lovers of narrative adventures, Tales from the Borderlands: A Telltale Game Series is a classic, remarkable for its atmosphere and humor. It is therefore with great interest that fans of the genre and of the license have welcomed the announcement of New Tales from the Borderlandsa sequel developed directly by Gearbox Software, who … Read more

“Return to Monkey Island”, “Overwatch 2”, “Bayotta 3”… Ten video games that marked the start of the school year

THE MORNING LIST Grouped like cyclists in a Tour de France peloton, a series of highly anticipated sequels have swept across consoles and PC since the start of the school year. Waiting God of War: Ragnarok on November 9, the Pixels service of the World included four outings wearing number 2 bibs (Mario + Rabbids. … Read more

Animals and video games: zoomorphic protagonists • Terzo Binario News

The videogame is a creative universe that thrives on categorizations. Like any large enough context, the need inevitably arises at some point to organize different works by placing them under different labels and categories. Some of these, of course, are mostly used: sports, historical, real-time strategic video games or dynamic adventures, with infinite possible combinations … Read more