Twitter Spoof Helps Lower Natural Gas Prices; Freeport LNG calls out fake letterheads and ‘fake news’ on Twitter

A major liquefied natural gas exporter in Texas, Freeport LNG, said Friday that statements posted earlier in the day on Twitter and other social media using fake Freeport-branded letterheads were “false information.” , adding that it had not released any recent statements regarding a restart of its liquefaction plant. “Any tweets and/or posts on Freeport … Read more

Nord Stream gas pipelines affected by new unexplained leaks: a “targeted attack”?

The day after the announcement of a leak in the parallel Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline linking Russia to Germany was in turn affected on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 by two very rare gas leaks. Read also Shortage of pellets: TotalEnergies installs a bagging unit near Rouen Sabotage “not … Read more

Gas leaks on Nord Stream 1 and 2: what we know about suspected sabotage in the Baltic Sea


Location of leaks on Nord Stream 1 and 2 as of September 27, 2022. THE WORLD Controversial and out of service due to the war in Ukraine, the Nordstream 1 and 2 gas pipelines, linking Russia to Germany, were both suddenly hit by unexplained leaks in the Baltic Sea, Danish and Swedish authorities announced on … Read more

Nord Stream gas pipelines: what we know about unexplained leaks in the Baltic Sea


The law of series? Few believe it… Since Monday, September 26, suspicious leaks have followed one another on the Nord Stream gas pipelines. First on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which connects Russia to Germany but has not been commissioned. Then on Tuesday 27, it was the turn of Nord Stream 1 to be … Read more

Nord Stream gas pipelines affected by unexplained leaks, suspicion of sabotage


Facilities of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline on August 30, 2022 in Lubmin, northeastern Germany, near the border with Poland ( AFP / Odd ANDERSEN ) Controversial and out of service due to the war in Ukraine, the Nordstream gas pipelines linking Russia to Germany have both been suddenly hit by unexplained leaks in … Read more

European solidarity: the MidCat gas pipeline project crystallizes the difficulties in moving from words to deeds


Energy interconnections are more than crucial in these times of “European solidarity” forced by the energy crisis. One project illustrates the difficulties: the MidCat gas pipeline between Spain and France, which puts the biggest economic powers on the continent back to back. The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, however, hammered it … Read more

The Nord Stream gas pipeline suspended until further notice, Retailleau on track for the presidency of LR, European arrest warrant against Iquioussen… What to remember from this Friday, September 2


News from this Friday. News Nord Stream, extended shutdown until further notice. Gazprom announces this Friday that the Nord Stream gas pipeline, crucial for deliveries in Europe, will be “completely” stopped until the repair of a turbine, when it was to resume service on Saturday after a maintenance operation. In a press release, the Russian … Read more

Gas turns off the electoral campaign where quarrels, gossip and slogans predominate


The increases in gas and energy prices, which bend the knees of families and businesses, push the parties to jointly ask for the intervention of the outgoing premier Mario Draghi, further dampening an electoral campaign that is very disappointing in terms of content and form. Even the very predictable result of the September 25 election, … Read more

Salvini: se il prezzo del gas non scende, il rischio di razionamento per il prossimo governo è concreto


di Chiara Barison Le notizie sugli schieramenti, i candidati e i partiti in diretta, in vista della tornata elettorale che si terr tra un mese, il 25 settembre • Come funziona il Rosatellum, la legge elettorale con cui voteremo il 25 settembre.• Il segretario del Pd Enrico Letta ha avviato la campagna elettorale a Bologna: … Read more