‘Three men and a ghost’ at the cinema the demented comedy

Arrives at the cinema from November 24 «Three men and a ghost”the new film from I tell you, with Francesco De Fraia, Domenico Manfredi, Raffaele Ferrante, Artemisia Levita, Roberta Spagnuolo, Pasqualina Sanna and with the participation of Vincent DeLucia. The comedy trio first became famous thanks to Colorado Cafe , tribe on Rai 2. Then … Read more

Three men and a ghost: trailer and previews of the film of I Tell You (In cinemas from November 24)

From November 24 in cinemas with Minerva Pictures Group and Volcano Pictures, Three men and a ghostthe new film by Francesco De Fraia, Domenico Manfredi and Raffaele Ferrante aka “I Ditelo Voi”. Three men and a ghost – Plot and cast The official plot: Mimmo (Domenico Manfredi) is 50 years old and has an incurable … Read more

Flop, fakes or “fascists”. How many ghost books in “Kasa” Kerbaker


Books that tell stories of books there are many. Books that tell stories of particular books – chess, censored or bestselling or lost or “cursed” titles – too. Books that tell of “ghost” books … Well, we hadn’t seen any yet. But now there is one. There he is. Andrea Kerbaker, writer and bibliophile so … Read more