Al Yankovic Story Biopic to Get Global Distribution as Roku Partners with Village Roadshow | Pretty Reel

Although Weird: The Al Yankovic Story already aired on The Roku Channel earlier this month for audiences in the US, UK, Canada and Mexico, it is not yet available for Weird Al fans elsewhere. That’s why Roku decided to partner with Village Roadshow to release the film internationally, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Since The … Read more

What is Buy Nothing Day, the Black Friday protest movement against global consumerism

The first discounts of the week are already starting, on the occasion of Black Friday, Friday 25 November 2022. But the fight against consumerism has its great ally, Buy Nothing Day: a day where nothing is spent. Green Sustainability Pollution Christmas 2022 is approaching and there are those who with the increase of prices already … Read more

From poverty to global conquest: how South Korea became a cultural powerhouse

One of the halls of the exhibition ‘Hallyu! The Korean Wave’, at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Oppa Gangnam Style. The chorus, one of the most insistent in recent history, sounds again and again until it is almost unbearable, as evidenced by the disgusted face of one of the security guards in the … Read more

The rejection of his referendums in occupied Ukraine deepens Putin’s global isolation

The February 24, 2022 Vladimir Putin addressed the Russian nation to announce the start of a “special operation” in Ukraine. This Tuesday several channels related to the Kremlin announced that the Russian president was going to send a message to his citizens for the first time since the war began seven months ago. On this … Read more

Sexual violence. Emma Oudiou: “There is a more global problem in athletics”

What made you want to make this documentary? “I myself have suffered sexual violence in the field of athletics. And by talking about it on social networks I realized that I was far from being the only one. I made a call for witnesses on Instagram. I must have received 15-20 testimonials. I selected five … Read more

Migrants. A global campaign in favor of Mimmo Lucano

Domenico Lucano, known as Mimmo, the politician for three terms mayor of Riace, in Calabria – ANSA A international campaign of a global coalitionmade up of public and parliamentary figures, to drop the charges against Mimmo Lucano. A front is mobilized and organized in favor of the former mayor of Riace in Calabria, creator and … Read more