@DigameJuanjo: “For content creators, the World Cup is a golden opportunity” | teletic

The cocommunicator and publicist Juan José Fonseca, known on social media as @DigameJuanjo, joined Teletica’s efforts to cover the 2022 Qatar World Cup. “For content creators, the World Cup is an incredible opportunity because now there are Ticos from Qatar making very cool content and also people who couldn’t go, but from Costa Rica we … Read more

2022 LIGHT FESTIVAL – “Golden Helmet”: All the foam in the world

The Lumière festival offers, with the label “The Great Classics of Black and White”, the possibility of (re)discovering monuments from the history of cinema in optimal conditions. Maze could see golden helmet (1952), Jacques Becker’s masterpiece, in its latest restored version – on a beautiful cinema screen. And yet, the precious nickname of “masterpiece” did … Read more

“Return to Monkey Island”, tender reunion with a lost golden age of video games


It was the time of eight-inch floppy disks and VGA in 256 colors. On the computers of the early 1990s, the adventure game acted as a showcase and the point and clickits most engaging version, unfolded marvelous picture books in which players clicked to solve puzzles and follow extraordinary stories. Among those, The Secret of … Read more

Catherine Deneuve: the most “Italian” of French actresses receives a Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival


For many Italians, she is “la Deneuve”. Rewarded on Wednesday August 31 with a Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, actress Catherine Deneuve has always had a special relationship with Italy. She goes there frequently, has shot a dozen films there since the 1960s and has formed a famous film couple with Marcello Mastroianni, … Read more