Halloween: 7 horror movies on Netflix for a scary streaming marathon

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The Simpsons, in the Halloween Special a tribute to Death Note. VIDEO

In the Thirty-third edition of “La Paura fa Novanta” a segment inspired by the Japanese animation masterpiece will be included. And we will see Lisa, Marge and Homer as we’ve never seen them before… Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on show news Halloween is approaching and with it, inevitable, the Simpsons horror … Read more

Halloween on Prime Video: 10 horror movies to watch for an evening of terror

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Hubie Halloween, the review of the Netflix film with Adam Sandler

Hubie Dubois (Adam Sandler) is a wimpy forty year old who lives in the famous town of Salem, known to history for the Witch Trials and a national symbol of Halloween Night. Hubie lives with his mother and works in a supermarket and is to all intents and purposes an overgrown big boy, with pronounced … Read more

10 storie Disney per affrontare Halloween

Siamo di nuovo in quel periodo dell’anno. Le giornate si accorciano sempre di più, gli alberi diventano spogli e le loro foglie imbruniscono le strade. Dagli angoli dei marciapiedi si dirama un dolce profumo di caldarroste. Le temperature si stanno, lentamente ma inesorabilmente, abbassando. Si incominciano anche a intravedere i primi addobbi: Halloween, festa di … Read more

Halloween, 20 “thrilling” films (and cartoons) for children (from 5 years old) and teenagers: here are the best ones to watch with the family

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Perfect for Halloween: here are the 10 best horror movies of 2022

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13 films mordants à regarder pour Halloween

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The Simpsons: Which character has the most deaths in the Halloween specials?

Halloween specials have always been non-canon, allowing for a lot of crazy stuff and brutally getting rid of some Simpsons characters. Annual Halloween specials ‘The Simpson’ they’ve always been non-canon, though some had technical ties to the more grounded regular continuity, allowing all sorts of supernatural and sci-fi elements to invade the series without restriction. … Read more

Ale and Rodrigo, Melissa and Anthony and more couples who wore fun costumes on Halloween

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