TPMP: Cyril Hanouna is still attacking Late with Alain Chabat!

On the Touche plateau not at my post (TPMP), Cyril Hanouna continues to clash the Late with Alain Chabat on TF1! Cyril Hanouna continues to clash TF1 broadcasts on TPMP. After making fun of the audiences and the wages of the guests in “The Late with Alain Chabat”, he still attacks the program! MCE TV … Read more

“It’s the industrial accident of the year”: Cyril Hanouna knocks out “The late with Alain Chabat”

Cyril Hanouna knocks out “The late with Alain Chabat” Screenshot VIDEO – The TF1 talk show is about to complete its first week of broadcasting. And the least we can say is that it is not to the taste of the host of C8. “He has not once again passed the million”attacks Cyril Hanouna, speaking … Read more

‘I feel like Cristiano Ronaldo’: Cyril Hanouna reacts to his depiction in the media


VIDEO – Its media impact is only growing and the star presenter of C8 has decided to transform this into a sequence in his own show. “I feel like Cristiano Ronaldo”, chants Cyril Hanouna. Between the rant on the Lola affair where the disagreement with Louis Boyardthe showDo not touch My TVbreaks audience records. So … Read more

Battle of figures between Mélenchon and Hanouna on the speaking time of the far right on “TPMP”


“I have no sympathy for you Hanouna.” It was on his YouTube channel, this Thursday, November 17, that Jean-Luc Mélenchon reacted in the Louis Boyard-Cyril Hanouna affair. It began on Thursday, November 10, when the young LFI deputy accused the boss of C8, Vincent Bolloré, of having “deforested Cameroon” and be part of “five richest … Read more

Louis Boyard versus Cyril Hanouna in TPMP


TPMP stands for “Do not touch My TV”. This is a program created and hosted by Cyril Hanouna and broadcast live on the C8 channel belonging to the Canal+ group, itself owned by Vincent Bolloré’s group. The facts: a nine-minute clash with insults towards an MP Louis Boyard, LFI-NUPES deputy for Val-de-Marne, was invited to … Read more

“Fart his face!” : Cyril Hanouna unveils a video in which Jean


Angered by a video in which Jean-Luc Mélenchon accuses him of having gone too far by insulting Louis Boyard, Cyril Hanouna unveiled several videos of the politician on Friday November 18, 2022 on C8, in which he comes out of his hinges. “Did you come here to be smart? Remind me, where were you a … Read more

Cyril Hanouna, his missile against Alain Chabat, link with the snub of Jamel Debbouze


Cyril Hanouna does not seem to have cashed the hatchet with Jamel Debbouze, whom he would have criticized for having gone to Daily on TMC, before a passage in TPMP. An indirect tackle! The troublemaker of C8 does not bother to tackle Melissa Theuriau’s husband, but launches a spade at Alain Chabat, who invited him … Read more

TF1: Alain Chabat parodies CNews and makes fun of the Boyard / Hanouna affair (video)


While the Global in Qatar approach, there is another TV appointment that many are waiting to discover on TF1: Alain Chabat’s Late Show which will be broadcast from Monday, November 21 at 11 p.m. The first issue of this daily is approaching and the channel has unveiled a teaser just to wait. And as this … Read more

TPMP: Cyril Hanouna and his columnists gossip about TF1 hosts in a squeaky parody


At the controls of a new, unpublished issue of Touche pas à mon poste on Monday September 19, 2022 on C8, Cyril Hanouna has put his chroniclers to work in order to make fun of the TF1 group, currently in conflict with the Canal + group. After a well-deserved weekend of rest, Cyril Hanouna was … Read more

“Let him close it a bit”: Cyril Hanouna puts Nicolas Bedos in his place after a harsh remark


Cyril Hanouna did not hesitate to take out his fangs to defend his television group, criticized by Nicolas Bedos. And the host’s criticisms are harsh. This Monday, October 31, 2022, Cyril Hanouna wanted to react to his columnists on a sequence from the show what timeduring which, Ragnar Le Breton heavily criticized the world of … Read more