Dissing Shakira: what she did and what happened to Piqué

Shakira’s dissing of Piqué had an unexpected result: a sponsorship deal for the former footballer. Let’s reconstruct what happened The world of gossip does nothing but talk about what happened to Piqué after what he did to Shakira even if in the last few hours there are conflicting news about the ex couple who even … Read more

Something that happened on New Years, when drama and comedy feed back with suspense

“Something that happened in the New Year”, the debut of the famous youtuber Jorge Pinarello, presents a story that appeals to drama and comedy in several theaters in the country to delve into the suspense generated by a visit at the end of the year that hides requests, offers and styles of life that challenge … Read more

What happened to Roseanne Barr, unforgettable protagonist of Roseanne whose pranks have cost her her career

Roseanne Barr is one of the most controversial figures in television history. and in this article we will see the reasons for these controversies while discovering the role it played in the entertainment industry. Roseanne Cherrie Barr was born in 1952 in Utah. Her childhood and adolescence were marked by several setbacks: she lived her … Read more

What happened to the bald guy in the Christmas Lottery ads?

The actor British Clive Arrindellbetter known as “the bald lottery”, was the image of the Extraordinary Christmas Draw in Spain Come in 1998 Y 2005. For seven consecutive years, Arrindell played some sort of lucky Christmas wizard in the advertisements of the Lottery, which were set with the soundtrack of “student cafe” of “Doctor Zhivago”. … Read more

“Chucky”: what happened in the final chapter of the second season?

The second season of “chucky” came to SYFY last October 5 and to date it has finished broadcasting the 8 episodes that make up the second season. On Star+, the last chapter will arrive on December 7. Here is a summary of season 2 but first of all, let’s review the first installment. After his … Read more

The end of Twitter? What has happened since it belongs to Elon Musk

After the millionaire purchase of the social network Twitter by the businessman Elon MuskMany things have happened around the microblogging site, which led to uncertainty on Thursday night, as the new owner undertook several actions that call into question the future of this space for expression and dissemination. The beginning of what is associated with … Read more

Kevin McCallister from “My poor little angel”: what happened to the character after the two films

“My poor little angel” is one of the Mandatory Movies Everyone Must See During Christmas Time. Released in 1990 and directed by Chris Columbus, the film featured a memorable performance by Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCalliste, a boy left home alone who must devise ways to protect your home from thieves during Christmas. “home alone” … Read more

Fabrizio Frizzi: “It happened just before his death” | an unimaginable background emerges

Five years after the death of the beloved Rai presenter, Fabrizio Frizzi, an unexpected background arrives that moves everyone. Throughout his long and brilliant career, Fabrizio Frizzi led many unforgettable ones successful programs and just a short time before his death he was conducting the quiz show of RAI Uno L’Eredità. A few years have … Read more

6 things that would happen if ‘Bridgerton’ happened in Argentina, do Latinos have more fun?

Its period love story and characters have caused thousands of viewers to express their fascination with Shonda Rhimes’ project, which is based on the novels by writer Julia Quinn. So much so that in Argentina they have created a parody with which they show what the plot would be like if it had been carried … Read more