Valeria Correa: “Men have privileges, but at a very hard cost”

09.11.2022 00:00. lava skin is the composition of the four members of this company: Pilar Gamboa (Pi), Elisa Carricajo (the), Laura Paredes (the), Valeria Correa (goes). Together they have created four works during 20 years in which they have demonstrated the potential to compose a group work, as a collective. They began in the most … Read more

Matt Smith admits making House of the Dragon isn’t as hard as Doctor Who was

Matt Smith admits making House of the Dragon isn’t as hard as Doctor Who was Tonight the season finale of The house of the dragon (91%)the prequel to Game of Thrones (59%) that, although the impact still seems incomparable, has kept the audience on the edge of their seats worldwide. The family drama, the struggle … Read more

Paco León: “Luck is a logical consequence of being positive, but you also have to get up early, work hard”

– Do you know that your eyes are quite scary? It seems that they saw beyond… Yes, I am aware. The important thing is that they say something. The eyes are the mirror of what you think, and since my head is somewhat lost, it will seem that they wander around in the distance. Everyone … Read more

Resignation of an elected municipal official from Les Mureaux: “What Boris experienced was pure and hard racism”


He was not a native of Les Mureaux. But Boris Venon felt a real “ love for the city, a fine example of living together “, fourteen years ago, pushing him to settle there, then to be elected there under the socialist colors in 2014. But here it is. At the end of the municipal … Read more

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 2: Die Hard with a Religion


rick and morty attacks diehard and to… theology in the second episode of season 6. Although its peak (season 3) is still behind it, rick and morty remains extremely popular, especially among our readers. Evidenced by the number of clicks on our review of the first episode of season six, much higher than expected. It’s … Read more