Everyone Hates ‘Velma’ But It’s A Hit On HBO Max: The Paranoid Conspiracy That Thinks The Scooby

HBO Max reports that ‘Velma’his New serie spin-off of ‘Scooby Doo‘ for adults, it was its most watched animated premiere in history. It is not a very reliable data, because since its creation there have not been many original animated series under Max’s label, perhaps the most popular so far is ‘harley quinn‘, but the … Read more

Why HBO Max loses the best of its catalog with the departure of Looney Tunes

The first television tragedy of 2023 already has a name. HBO Max, which seems to be doing an undisguised sale of its catalog, leaves out the looney tunes. Well, it’s not that bad, you’ll say, it wasn’t even Westworld! This, dear readers, is much worse. As of December 31, HBO Max removed seasons 16 through … Read more

Sopranos actor Christopher recalls his initial reaction to HBO script | Pretty Reel

Residence News Channel The Sopranos actor Christopher recalls his initial reaction to the HBO script Christopher of The Sopranos actor Michael Imperioli recalls his initial reaction to HBO’s script and what convinced him to star in the show. Michael Imperioli, who memorably played Christopher in The Sopranos, was not at all impressed with the HBO … Read more

The 5 episodes of South Park missing from HBO Max (and why) | Pretty Reel

South Park by Trey Parker and Matt Stone is notorious for being crude and controversial, and 5 episodes are missing from the HBO Max lineup. South Park began in 1997, and despite being completely banned in several countries, the series is now 25 seasons old and won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Controversy aside, the … Read more

It’s the craziest and funniest reality show of the year and it gives Temptation Island a thousand kicks: you only have this weekend to marathon it before it disappears from HBO Max

Within the list of titles that They will soon be gone from HBO Max.we have the funniest and most addictive reality show of the year (along with season 2 of ‘Drag Race Spain’). ‘FBOY Island’ triumph where Telecinco’s reality shows fail Y You only have until Sunday the 18th before they remove it of HBO … Read more

15 unmissable series in the HBO MAX catalog

It is often said that HBO MAX is a mark of quality in series, but in these times these series are lost in the background of a catalog that is constantly renewed, confuses us and forgets them. Some classics, others more recent, comedies, dramas, documentaries, animations, with many seasons or just one, we suggest you … Read more

HBO a 50 ans : on a classé (objectivement) les 50 meilleures séries de la chaîne culte

Un écran cathodique noir, de la neige, un grésillement et enfin ces trois lettres emblématiques : HBO. Depuis 50 ans, la chaîne Home Box Office créée par Charles Dolan en novembre 1972, fait rêver les sériephiles du monde entier avec une ligne éditoriale simple mais ambitieuse, des programmes et notamment des séries de prestige. En 50 ans, … Read more

‘¡García!’, HBO Max’s Francoist super

In the same way that it is easy to say that there is literally nothing like ‘Garcia!’ in the current Spanish audiovisualit is also easy to trace a few precedents and influences that help us outline how this most remarkable recently landed production works with its two initial chapters HBOMax. To begin with, of course, … Read more

What to see on HBO Max: Christian Bale made one of his most successful performances in this boxing drama from the director of ‘Amsterdam’

Making another of his characteristic physical transformations, the actor gave himself body and soul to a film that gave him his only Oscar to date. On the Warner platform we can see the result in the remarkable ‘The Fighter’. An intense and powerful sports drama that was one of the little movie sensations the year … Read more