United Kingdom: at the heart of a controversy over the reception conditions for migrants, the Manston center was evacuated

The reception center in Manston, in the south of the UK, is now empty. The structure was evacuated after having repeatedly found itself at the heart of controversy in recent weeks due to the overcrowding of the premises and the living conditions of the exiles. It had been for several weeks at the heart of … Read more

Hot Fuzz | The Blue Heart from Edgar Wright’s Cornet Trilogy

ROME – That of Hot fuzz is undoubtedly one of the most interesting cinephile cases of the last fifteen years of British (and non-British) cinema. Presented in London on February 13, 2007, it allowed its director, the English Edgar Wright, to maintain the already very high expectations after that jewel of pure filmic freshness that … Read more

Westminster Hall: historic heart of British power


LOS ANGELES: Lo and behold, the suspense is over. The Lebanese dance troupe Mayyas won the 17e show season America’s Got Talent. Behind the scenes, members of the troupe gave an interview to Arab News. They say they can’t believe this victory. Under the cheers of the public, the dancers of Mayyas jump for joy. … Read more

Mission Artemis: men on the Moon, at the heart of conspiracy theories for fifty years


“Is it humanly possible to go that far? (…) We are going to go very far, as far as no human being has ever gone far from the Earth. » All it took was a short sentence from French astronaut Thomas Pesquet on France 2, Tuesday August 30, about future Artemis missions, to awaken a … Read more

November 13: a poignant book plunges us into the heart of the trial of the attacks

Louise Bernard and Solene Delinger 11:49 a.m., September 08, 2022modified to 11:51 a.m., September 08, 2022 Folder V13 offers a fascinating and poignant dive into the months of trial of the attacks of November 13. An extraordinary trial, as we have often said, that Azzeddine Ahmed-Chaouch followed for the show Daily by Yann Barthes. Valentin … Read more

JK Rowling: controversy over the new book “The Ink Black Heart”, between transphobia and hate online


The huge army of fans he had proclaimed JK Rowling like new queen of fantasy – when the books of the Harry Potter saga collected files of readers out of bookstores long before the Apple Stores – over the years, it faded until it was replaced by a succession of controversy. After the end of … Read more

“Islamism wants to destroy the individual freedoms at the heart of our Western modernity”


As painful as it is to write it, Salafist jihadism, the attacks we have experienced since 2012, are not the greatest imaginable danger to the health of our democracy. Our forces of order in general and our elite units in particular will always come to the end of one or more furious people who will … Read more

Legislative 2022. Live: the Finance Committee at the heart of the struggles in the Assembly this Thursday

8:55 am: “The police are not directed, they are self-directed”, launches François Ruffin François Ruffin said earlier that “the Left should not be ashamed to talk about security”. On France Info, he develops: “What saddens me is where the power of mediation is. Is it the city? HLM offices? The police ? The police is … Read more

QUO VADIS? At the cinema in the heart of Rome. The charm of the old in 10 great films

In Rome, from 1 to 10 July 2022, a review promoted by CSC – National Film Archive and Colosseum Archaeological Park will be held, which celebrates cinema’s gaze on antiquity. In Rome, from 1 to 10 July 2022, there will be a film festival promoted by CSC – National Film Archive and Colosseum Archaeological Park, … Read more