Faced with climate change 4 ways to save the Var vineyards from the heat stroke

What is the problem? A Provençal vineyard threatened with extinction by 2050, this is the grim prediction made by Yves Leers, author of the book Wine, the great upheaval which investigates the effects of global warming. “I will be less alarmistemphasizes Nathalie Ollat, director of research within a cutting-edge unit* on wine at the National … Read more

Heat waves, drought, fires: the results of summer 2022

Drought, heat waves, storms… What exactly are the different factors involved in these phenomena? Could they have been better anticipated? Is this summer exceptional, or does it foreshadow a new climatic norm? The combination of high temperatures, low reserves of water stored in groundwater, and lack of precipitation, partly explain these exceptional episodes. Let’s come … Read more

When the Don’t Look Up interview took place in the middle of a European heat wave

One of the things that tends to happen with The simpsons (since 1989), the long-running animated series featuring Springfield’s most famous family, is that some of its radio and television shows are no longer available social parodies eventually become reality. For example, in the episode “Bart in the future” (11×17), which aired in March 2000, … Read more

An exceptional heat wave spreads over France

With the arrival of hot air from the Maghreb via Spain which is already suffocating, the Southwest will be affected first on Tuesday with temperatures between 34 and 36°C, according to Météo-France. Highs above 40°C are expected locally in this region later in the week. 35 to 39°C, even 40°C in places: an exceptional and … Read more

The heat wave sweeps over France from the South

Published on : 06/14/2022 – 14:56 The exceptional and early heat wave which will hit France until the weekend arrives on Tuesday from the South-West, in a worrying context of drought and risk of fires. France will experience temperatures well above 30°C this week, a particularly early heat wave, yet another foretaste of a warming … Read more