10 Best Movies In A Movie In Cinema History

Moviegoers are thrilled to learn that some of their favorite characters share an enthusiasm for filmmaking. Their passion for movies often manifests in the characters’ reaction to a movie within a movie. RELATED:15 Underrated Movies To Watch From Legendary Directors A fictional film can sometimes enhance a viewing experience. The best movies within movies provide … Read more

VioliNation: history of the Twitter Space that conquered the world

– Continue reading below – On November 17th on Twitter a space was proposed where the anniversary of the VioliNation, and the next day a parody song was also made by the unaware protagonist of the event dated a year ago. It was November 17, 2021 when the world of social communication was literally invaded … Read more

The 30 films about Space that made the history of cinema


Space, the Moon, the Sun, the stars, life on other planets. And again: spaceships, astronauts, galaxies, man’s journeys beyond the borders of the earth. Here are the ingredients that inspired directors and producers. Knowledge and the unknown, fantasy and science have captivated millions of spectators all over the world because discovery has no age. Space … Read more

The 48/64 EP. 4: The history of Polystyrene editions,

After many adventures surrounding the organization of the recording of this fourth part of 48/64, Thomas, Louis, Sacha and Théo managed to meet around a table to discuss comics. Start the program with the second Indie chronicle of the tall lanky. Théo tells you the story of the Polystyrene editions, a group of friends straight … Read more

Thibaut Julian, A theater for the nation. History on stage (1765


At the end of the 18th century, France went through a succession of major upheavals, from the twilight of absolute monarchy to the Empire of Napoleon. The theater is experiencing unprecedented vitality reflected in the renewal of themes, genres and performances. In the wake of Voltaire and Belloy, many authors sensitive to the rise of … Read more

The Serpent Queen (Season 1, 8 episodes): the viper of French History


In the history of France, Catherine de Medici is an important and emblematic figure. That an American series is interested in our history and more particularly in this character of the French monarchy is not surprising. But The Serpent Queen also has a rather original story, a kind of satire of the monarchy that knows … Read more

Maurizia Paradiso: the whole history and career


The whole career and history of the showgirl, from difficult childhood to sex change to television, red light films and serious illness Source: instagram @maurizia_paradiso_official Full name: Maurizia Paradiso Date of birth: 06/25/1955 Zodiac sign: Cancer Profession: actress, showgirl Debut date: 1986 Social: Instagram Biography Maurizia Paradiso was born in northern Milan, in the Niguarda … Read more

The best 10 supporting actors (and actresses) in the history of the Oscars


The Academy Award is the most coveted award in the career of an actor, and an actress. Even among the greatest, not everyone is able to win the statuette, but this does not mean that those who do not win the Academy Award should be excluded from the ranks of the best actors of all … Read more